SAP Integration Strategy Solutions

Find a platform for building my integrations that will avoid rework during a future move to S/4

Don’t wait for your move to S/4 to modernize your front-ends

  • You are planning for a future move to S/4 and don’t want to have to re-build all of your integrations again; But you also have business needs requiring integrations
  • By building needed integrations on the enosix platform, you can easily port them to S/4 when you upgrade
  • Why wait to re-build everything? Optimally schedule your integration development efforts across the time remaining before the S/4 move by building on the enosix platform. Then port your completed integrations to enosix, allowing you to spread the development effort over time rather than having to do that work as part of your migration
  • Having integrations completed before you launch your S/4 migration project reduces the resources needed to migrate, gives you increased confidence applications will work, and allows you to design and test your final application architecture on real data
  • We can help you integrate SAP ERP with any front-end, middleware, or application that can consume a REST API

Why this Matters?

enosix’s SAP integration strategy solutions provide the “last mile” for your real-time integrations to SAP ERP (ECC and S/4HANA), providing a high-performance API that is easy-to-use by front-end developers (who may not be familiar with SAP) to build your systems of engagement. While our open API can be consumed by virtually any front end or ETL/iPaaS platform, we also offer pre-built front-end components for common use cases, such as order-to-cash processes in Salesforce (including order creation, CPQ, Variant Configuration, and eCommerce).

enosix offers SAP-certified integration solutions that use a patent-pending communication protocol and a framework of purpose-built Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) that, once installed at the SAP ERP app layer, provide real-time, bi-directional access to SAP data natively within today’s modern systems of engagement on the front-end. Incorporating process orchestration and data virtualization, today’s ever-increasing complex scenarios such as CPQ, commerce, and even Variant Configuration become risk-mitigated integrations, future proofed for scale and for your move to S/4HANA (if you haven’t migrated already).

Solution Features

Future Proof Your Integrations
Build your integration to ECC, then easily upgrade to S/4 later
Access SAP Info in Salesforce
Use our enosix Engage products to rapidly provide access from your SAP system to your users
Surface SAP Data
Surface all the information your applications need from your SAP system, including customer, material, supplier data, and more
Integrate Your Front-End Apps
Use our REST API to integrate with a wide variety of front-ends, middleware, and other applications

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