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Transform your solutions with business-critical ERP integration. Whether you want to mobilize an SAP process to make your road warriors more effective or merge disparate back-end systems into a unified user experience, enosiX has a solution to meet your needs.

No Middleware = Cost Savings

As it turns out, the architecture that supports the stability of SAP can be quite complex and that complexity requires specific, and expensive expertise and detailed techniques in order to reliably access and populate other systems and functions. Not only does this drive up costs, it means time consuming projects exasperated by delays and limiting an organizations responsiveness. This simple diagram shows only a few of the possible development paths required to get Sales Order data from the SAP side to the Salesforce installation that will typically involve 3 ond often more resources required to complete the project. The ENOSIX framework is a different approach with our primary focus on simplification of the development of integrations needed for connecting data, transactions, users and customers. In essence, we have created 80% or more, and in some cased 95% of the interactions required for development into our Smart Business Object Technology that’s native to your SAP installation. Our Objects contain the routines and synchronizations and consume the requests and processing requirements for data that are typically involved in an extension of data and functionality. Even exit routines and customizations can be enveloped by the Smart Object and made into a dynamic, real time process. In other words, most of the work is already done, thereby speeding development and thereby creating faster development and go-live times. Importantly, we use a Human Language interface to the technology and underlying coding systems that are common to a a broader number of resources, reducing cost and speeding development even more. On the left, you have a typical approach to middleware. You need: A server to run your middleware A person to run your middleware Along with the Salesforce Admin and the ABAP developer. With the enosiX framework, note what goes away: the additional server and the specialized, hard-to-find resource

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Developing SAP® Integrated Solutions in .NET: The Challenges, Solutions and Possibilities

SAP® is one of the largest and most successful ERP systems in use worldwide today, with a 24.6% market share. As SAP grows its market share, it grows along with it billions of dollars of untapped opportunity for application developers. This white paper discusses various challenges involved with developing mobile apps with SAP integration — and how our approach meets those challenges head-on.

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