Learn more about how easily SAP ERP and Salesforce can work together

Want an learn how easy it can be to connect Salesforce to your SAP ERP? We’ll tell you all about the enosix Salesforce apps and how they can dramatically improve your integration projects and make life better for your customers and employees.

Looking to connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your SAP ERP? enosix Commerce does just that. Bring product and customer information from SAP, display real-time, customer-specific pricing and available-to-promise dates using the business logic already in SAP, automatically create orders in SAP, and more!

Trying to integrate Salesforce CPQ with SAP variant configuration? That’s hard! But enosix makes it easy. Learn all about the ways you can use the products together to give your users a simplified configuration and pricing experience, relying on configuration rules in Salesforce, SAP, or both.

Integrating SAP ECC can be the biggest hurdle to achieving the digital transformation your company needs. If you’ve ever thought “Why can’t I make this stuff work?”, or “There has to be an easier way!”, you need to read this whitepaper. We cover the common pitfalls of traditional integration approaches and demonstrate how enosix makes it easier.