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Transform Customer Experience

Improve customer call center experience

Your customer data is in SAP; your call center representatives should not be

  • Shorten customer call resolution time and increase 1st-call resolution rates by making sure your team has the data they need as soon as the customer is on the phone
  • Give your customer service and sales representatives access to a 360-degree view of the customer, through your easy-to-use, modern, service-oriented, interface
  • Let your employees access the data within your ECC (or S/4 HANA) system, but never leave the friendly user interface of today’s modern service clouds
  • Get a real-time view of the data in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system
  • Customer order history and status, past invoices, and delivery information, along with all of the corresponding line item details available in real-time
  • All in the modern front-end of your choice, such as Salesforce.com.
    • Why Does This Matter?
    • Faster Response Times
    • More Accurate Data
  • Real-Time Visibility Guarantees Most Up-to-Date Information
  • When a sales team member or service team member is speaking with a customer, they can easily access real time data and provide an answer, thus reducing response times and improving accuracy.
  • Why this Matters? This supports your digital transformation initiatives – a better customer experience overall.


Surface Customer Data
All of your SAP customer data (including invoice history, account and partner details, delivery confirmations, and more)
Access Pricing Info
Use our pre-built, but fully customizable UI interface for Salesforce.com or integrate with the front-end of your choice using our REST API
Real-Time SAP Data
Data available in real-time, as soon as it is entered in SAP

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