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About enosix

enosix (pronounced eh-NA-six), comes from a Greek term meaning unity. It’s at the core of everything we do. We deliver a unified back-to-front office experience for SAP-based enterprises, combining real-time data integrations (data virtualization) with speed, and reliability

The enosix difference is the human connection–because data exists to serve the people that benefit from it, in ways that are intuitive, productive, and valuable. The speed of eCommerce means self-service, 24/7 availability, and accuracy. ERP modernization and digital transformation demand always-on, always-accurate SAP data virtualized directly inside your front-end system (CRMs, Asset Management, iPaaS solution, and more). For enterprises running on SAP and integrating with virtually any other system the answer is simple–it’s enosix.

The power of the enosix framework also exposes critical SAP data to extend into end user systems and enables developers via Packaged integration Processes–providing data virtualization for the iPaaS and traditional data integration markets.

De-risking digital transformation for SAP enterprises since 2014

Founded more than seven years ago by SAP experts with a vision for smarter, more intuitive, and real-time integration, enosix has become the go-to partner for companies looking to unlock and unify their SAP system of record with the power of modern front-end solutions.

Our prebuilt integration framework accelerates implementation and simplifies business processes for an improved end customer experience. And because the enosix framework is certified and embedded in each system, user management, security and governance are a cinch.

Proven solutions. Accelerated business processes. Trusted innovation.

We are pragmatic innovators–reenvisioning SAP’s API solutions by developing seemingly simple integration solutions for complex enterprise challenges. We mitigate risks and costs while accelerating the pace of business.

enosix brings realtime SAP data directly into the applications that sales, CRM and IT teams (and customers or distributors) work in every day. That means 100% accurate pricing, asset maps and BOMs, real-time tracking updates, greater productivity, improved customer service, increased margins, and higher revenues.

For your developers it means the ability to provide quicker, easier and less costly data virtualization between SAP and virtually any front-end application built to support the enterprise. Seamlessly balance business needs and resources.

For your customers it means self-serve B2B eCommerce solutions that always provide live, account-specific pricing and volume negotiations, inventory, flawless customer service and enhanced sales interactions. Long-term loyalty is the byproduct of a highly personalized, always-accurate, available 24/7 customer experience.


That’s enosix.

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