Salesforce & SAP: Working together faster than you dreamed possible

Real-time transaction execution and access to your SAP ERP data inside all your front-end applications, like Salesforce. Implemented in 80% less time than traditional approaches.

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Innovators Choose enosix

Front-ends like Salesforce don’t play nice with SAP,

but they love enosix

It’s Time to Set a New Standard

The enosix platform runs in the application layer of your SAP ERP and replaces IDOCs and the JCo connector (we know – it sounds like magic).  And our pre-built Rapid Integration Objects™ encapsulate the most common queries and transactions. No more calling standard SAP BAPIs/RFCs and piecing together the results in middleware or on the front end. The end result is significantly reduced load on your SAP system compared to traditional approaches. It also means far greater code reusability across different front-end systems (nearly 100% vs. typically <40% for PI/PO or iPaaS solutions – and 0% for solutions that live in the front end). And because our pre-built solution covers the most common use cases, your implementation will be done in 80% less time than a custom project.

enosix Surface

  • All your SAP data in Salesforce
  • Choose to virtualize or sync what you need
  • Go-live in days

enosix Transact

  • Create SAP inquiries, quotes, orders, and more from Salesforce
  • Works in Sales, Service, CPQ, and Community Clouds
  • Supports SAP Variant Configuration

enosix Commerce

  • All your SAP customers and products available in B2B Commerce Cloud
  • Real-time validation and creation of SAP orders
  • Let customers view all their SAP orders (with invoices, deliveries, and more) in your Community or B2B Commerce Cloud

enosix Connect

  • Leverage the enosix platform in any front-end via a REST API
  • Developer-friendly API and field names don’t need SAP experts to decode
AAF factory@2x
We grew our distributor community from 100 to 2,500 in 3 months with enosix.
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We increased adoption of Salesforce with real-time access to data from SAP.
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enosix gives us instantaneous confirmation that a record was processed successfully.
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A quarter of my time was spent each day dealing with errors. With enosix, those are gone.
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