How to Integrate SAP ERP Data Into Salesforce Without Complex Code

Discover how enosix Surface provides real-time access to SAP ERP data in Salesforce without middleware

Key Takeaways:

  • Manufacturers often use middleware and other custom development options to integrate SAP ERP data into Salesforce.
  • It can take many months to integrate SAP ERP data into Salesforce, due in part to complex coding.
  • The enosix platform offers a no-code SAP-Salesforce integration option.
  • Manufacturers can use enosix to provide sales professionals, customer service agents, and other employees with real-time access to SAP data in Salesforce.
  • SAP-Salesforce integration through enosix can help manufacturers reduce their operating costs, improve their customer satisfaction levels, and more.

A manufacturer can have both SAP ERP and Salesforce but getting them to work together is notoriously tough. SAP systems are often customized to the point where integrating the ERP data into Salesforce becomes a long, expensive process if you don’t have the right systems in place to simplify the integration.

One of the biggest challenges associated with integrating SAP data into Salesforce is complex coding, but manufacturers that understand this challenge can put the right platforms in place for smooth integration.

How do manufacturers integrate SAP ERP data into Salesforce?

To integrate SAP ERP data into Salesforce, manufacturers generally use middleware, replication, batch loads, synchronization, or other custom development options. Regardless of the option, it can take many months to get SAP to work with Salesforce. Since custom development is involved, the integration project cost can be substantial, too.

Let’s not forget about the complexity of increasing integration layers, either. For each layer of SAP-Salesforce integration, the code becomes exceedingly complex. The more complicated code becomes, the more difficult it is to ensure the integration meets the needs of the company, its employees, and its customers.

Is there a no-code integration option for SAP ERP and Salesforce?

Imagine what it would be like to integrate SAP into Salesforce without code. In this instance, a manufacturer won’t have to worry about middleware or other custom development options to get the systems to work in conjunction. Instead, integration could be quick and easy. Soon, the company can use the integration to provide its sales representatives, customer service agents, and other team members with access to real-time data from virtually any location, at any time.

A no-code integration option is available for SAP ERP and Salesforce in the enosix platform. Our platform lets Salesforce administrators and developers use a Lightning App Builder to drag and drop SAP ERP data and business processes into Salesforce.

Our platform provides read-only data from SAP into Salesforce. It is pre-built and consists of a managed package that includes a set of Lightning components that can be dragged and dropped onto any Lightning page. From there, the components provide common groups of SAP real-time data in Salesforce.

Furthermore, our platform can be configured in several ways. Any time Lightning components are added to a page, a Salesforce admin or developer can easily customize which fields to show or hide.

Our platform also provides Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) that enable Salesforce admins and developers to add custom fields. Thus, if there are special fields in SAP that are used to store information you need to show in Salesforce, they can add them to a RIO. Next, these fields can be integrated into the order detail Lightning component via a configuration field.

How does the enosix platform work? 

enosix runs in the application layer of a company’s SAP ERP system and does not require IDOCs or the JCo connector. It can leverage a business’ existing SAP processes, custom fields, business logic, and security without the need to reproduce these processes in middleware or front-end applications.

Our platform also offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies development work. We provide a library of ABAP RIOs that perform common transformations. These RIOs are designed to use the correct BAPIs and exits to add a company’s existing SAP business logic to Salesforce. They can be used in combination with any front-end via a REST API or through our SDK for Salesforce integrations.

Why do manufacturers choose enosix for SAP ERP-Salesforce integration?

For manufacturers that want to provide their employees with real-time access to SAP ERP data in Salesforce, the enosix platform is a must-have. Our platform helps companies shorten the SAP-Salesforce integration cycle from months to days. Once the integration is in place, Salesforce users can access data from the SAP ECC or S/4HANA system in real-time. They can even virtualize SAP data and sync information that needs to be stored in Salesforce for other processes.

Providing Salesforce users with seamless access to SAP data delivers long-lasting business benefits. For example, salespeople can use Salesforce to retrieve up-to-date pricing and inventory data at their convenience. In addition, customer service agents can leverage Salesforce to retrieve customers’ order histories and other pertinent insights from SAP and use that data to deliver outstanding experiences. Manufacturers can also leverage SAP and Salesforce to generate reports to keep track of business and customer trends and uncover ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Take advantage of no-code SAP ERP-Salesforce integration from enosix

enosix Surface offers a great option for manufacturers that want to integrate an SAP ERP system into Salesforce without complex coding. Surface can be used with nearly any relevant Salesforce Cloud and provides Salesforce users with a complete view of their customer base. In doing so, Surface allows users to view customer order details, track contract, and business partner records, and more. Over time, Surface can also help manufacturers save time and money.

The enosix team can provide additional details about Surface, how it works, and its benefits. To learn more about Surface, schedule a demo today.

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