Salesforce/SAP Integration With RIOs (aka Pre-Built Lightning Objects)

De-risk SAP integration with pre-built, pre-tested (but customizable) Rapid Integration Objects

Key Takeaways:

  • enosix RIOs enable real-time SAP data and business processes in Salesforce without complex front-end coding or middlewar with drag-and-drop Salesforce Lightning Components for real-time SAP Integration
  • Empower your sales teams, eCommerce front-end, and customer service center with pre-built Lightning Objects bringing read-only data directly from SAP into Salesforce
  • Drop Lightning Components easily into any Lightning page for the most common SAP real-time data users need in Salesforce
  • Your sales team can see all of your SAP quote-to-cash details right inside their Salesforce interface
  • For field service teams, your teams can create and manage work orders, track parts and labor, and access customer information inside Salesforce.

Pre-built integration components are the best way to connect business-critical systems. At enosix, we us RIOs (Rapid Integration Objects) to enable SAP/Salesforce integration at lightning-fast speed. Pre-built, pressure-tested, and easy to deploy, these RIOs become drag-and-drop Salesforce Lightning Components–delivering real-time SAP Integration without complex front-end coding or middleware, and zero risk of business disruption.

Front-end workers can access the exact SAP-based information they need to streamline internal processes and deliver the best customer experience–without hopping between systems. Sales reps can develop complex custom quotes quickly and your customer support team has full access to complete customer information, including order, delivery, and pricing history.

Real-time integration simplifies work for Salesforce admins and developers to access data and business processes traditionally locked inside SAP with a simple click, drag, and drop in the Lightning app builder. By accessing the single source of truth–SAP-based data–it ensures 100% accurate quotes, order history, ATP, and more. The enosix RIOs (pre-built solutions) reduce time, money, and risk using 90% out-of-the-box functionality.

enosix turns SAP lead-to-cash components into drag-and-drop Salesforce objects

The enosix integration solution is built by engineers with extensive knowledge of SAP and Salesforce.

enosix virtualized view includes a set of Lightning Components which can be dragged and dropped into any Lightning page–providing the most common groups of SAP real-time data your users want to see in Salesforce. With enosix Surface Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs), you can add custom fields that contain business-specific information.

Get a complete view of your customers in Salesforce along with search and display of vital SAP data, such as customer details, quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices, and contracts as well as drill down into the smallest detail. All in Salesforce because the information is virtualized directly from SAP.

Critically, your SAP data can be integrated into any relevant Salesforce Clouds – Sales, Service, CPQ, Experience, Commerce, Field Service, Manufacturing, and more.

TSI took things to the next level with bi-directional SAP integration supporting CPQ

TSI, Inc., a precision measurement instrument manufacturer, quickly saw the advantages of a prebuilt solution. Sales and customer service center reps were using SAP for their CRM. In the words of their Director of IT, Wayne Krzmarzick, “everyone hated it,” but they had to use it to access necessary information.

After exhaustive research, TSI chose Salesforce as their new CRM but they couldn’t disrupt the business for an SAP integration that would take months. With enosix, they saw the possibilities of revenue gains through better customer service as well as making their employees happier.

The enosix purpose-built framework and virtualized background transactions provided full CPQ integration and delivered the SFDC functionality they needed right out of the box: real-time data. Salespeople could now answer questions about invoices without leaving Salesforce, and TSI credits enosix with helping them improve interaction and support across the board.

They also know that when they make the switch to S4/HANA, they will not have to re-do the integration.

Beyond Sales Cloud: Bring SAP data into Field Service, eCommerce, and more!

From accessing serial numbers and installation dates to warranty information–field service reps need quick and easy access to SAP-based information while on mobile devices and out of the traditional office setting. Using enosix, SAP data can be in the hands (and on the screens) of field-based employees with 100% accuracy–improving productivity and customer experiences.

Connecting front-end eCommerce solutions with SAP data ensures 100% accurate shopping carts, compliance to SAP-built configurations, and more. It also enables customers to self-serve and look up prior orders, shipping information, and more.

The end result is less administrative work for your sales and customer service teams, zero integration support for your IT teams, and an improved customer experience.

Lightning-fast RIOs map SAP-to-Salesforce integration as simple as drag-and-drop

Learn more about how enosix RIO-based SAP integration for SFDC can power your business with real-time transactional execution and access to your SAP ERP data in Salesforce, in 70% to 90% less time. Schedule a demo today.

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