Solve Complex Pricing Between Salesforce and SAP With enosix Transact

Combine these two popular platforms quickly and safely with peerless pricing integration

As the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce helps businesses perform better in commerce, sales, and customer service. Equally popular as an enterprise resource planning tool is SAP: 70% of the world’s revenue touches an SAP system. For many, SAP istheir business. But if you want salespeople to be able to access up-to-date pricing for any client and any configuration, the connection between SAP and Salesforce could be the hold up that costs a sale. enosix Transact is your real-time solution for this killer integration problem.

Old problems with Salesforce and SAP integration

SAP systems are frequently developed over years and highly customized. When customers buy a Salesforce front-end cloud, they want critical customer data in that cloud so the sales team can take customers from order to cash in one, seamless system. But that’s not at all the functional integration SAP or Salesforce offer users out of the box. Instead, businesses are faced with an extraordinarily complex, build-from-scratch scenario that takes months or years to complete.

Traditionally, businesses would resort to middleware, replication, batch loads (which typically result in blocked orders and approval chasing), synchronization, or other custom development projects to move processes into Salesforce. This adds increasing integration layers as businesses move forward, resulting in spaghetti code that’s unfit for operations at the speed of your customer.

This reality has hampered businesses for decades. enosix Transact provides configure-price-quote (CPQ) integration between Salesforce and SAP that reduces past complexity by adding a single, standardized, native layer of real-time integration at all points between these essential systems.

enosix: the leader for Salesforce SAP accounts

We’ve been an ISV partner with Salesforce for almost 5 years, and our Partner Director has operated in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 10. We’re the only company that is both Salesforce and SAP-certified, so we’re truly the experts at integrating both. Our solutions dominate the competition when it comes to providing real-time transactional SAP data for Salesforce that leads the cash process.

Our solutions exceed any end state a customer could create from scratch. We offer a unique framework and revolutionary approach, blending seamlessly with CPQ and easily solving common and complex pricing issues.

The enosix link between Salesforce and SAP requires no middleware or software. We install our managed package within the Salesforce side which contains Lightning components and the ability to wrap components in Visualforce for those still in Salesforce Classic. On the SAP side, our certification allows for fast and safe installation.

Speaking the language of SAP

ABAP is the language of SAP. enosix’s pre-built objects read ABAP right out of the box, covering everything from orders, cases, and invoices to material information and delivery. Because enosix sits in the app layer running simulations and transactions directly in SAP, we wrap around other customizations to get a full view of data without worrying about table reads, mapping, and other structures that would normally have to be accounted for.

We also provide SAP Variant Configuration (VC) out of the box. This is one of the hardest things for companies to replicate. Most who try to use a CPQ front-end product and rebuild VC models in it fail. When your customers have VC and you want to sell them CPQ, enosix ensures there’s no roadblock with reluctant SAP/IT teams saying it can’t be done.

enosix means not having to rebuild sales logic in the Salesforce front-end. You can call out to VC from CPQ, pull back results in real-time, and still maintain VC in SAP while using the modern, slick UI of Salesforce CPQ. enosix is prebuilt for all clouds, so integrations built for CPQ can be promoted to any Salesforce product or cloud.

It all adds up to pricing, inventory, and customer-specific information that businesses can rely on to be up to date and accurate. Even factors like global pricing between territories, seasonal pricing/discounts, and condition types on pricing are no problem with enosix Transact.

Closing deals with last-gen SAP users

Salesforce teams may encounter customers who are interested yet currently unwilling to commit. They may be on hold with their previous generation SAP ECC system en route to S/4HANA. When enosix is part of the package, customers can modernize SAP and Salesforce integration while still in ECC. All changes made to their present system can lift and shift easily when they move to S/4.

The earlier enosix is introduced, the better for any project that must integrate with SAP to succeed. Wherever Salesforce is sold, promoting the one-two punch of having our tools already onboard can answer many customer questions and alleviate common concerns.

enosix is your competitive differentiator with any SAP account and Transact is the best solution when you have SAP customers needing CPQ. We make Salesforce even more valuable, allowing you to walk into any SAP shop and offer a practical solution rather than questions, while demonstrating how both platforms can be integrated cost-effectively, safely, and seamlessly within 2 to 8 weeks.

Connect with us for a demo or more information.

At enosix, we are setting the new standard for SAP integration. Our products are designed to empower customers by creating a full, seamless, and bi-directional connection between front-end systems of engagement and the SAP ERP. Request a demo to see us in action, call 844-436-6749, or visit our contact page to send us a question.

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