Thanksgiving Dinner as a Packaged Integration Process (PIP)

What do Packaged Integration Processes (PIPs) have to do with Thanksgiving dinner? Stick with us–we’ll get there! PIPs are an efficient way to address integration complexity–reducing time-to-value and de-risking common integration points. Savvy SAP Manufacturers look to PIPs (alone or as part of an iPaaS solution) to make things easier and more stable for their IT teams.

So where does the turkey come in?

Thanksgiving Turkey as a Homegrown Process or PIP?

Sure, you can head out on a turkey hunt, get a bird, process it, prep it, and then serve it for Thanksgiving dinner. That requires significant time and resource investment–not to mention skill–to ensure proper integration from the right timing to safe food handling.  What if there was an easier way? What if the process was simplified and someone had done most of the laborious and detail-oriented work to get a turkey on your table?

PIPs work in much the same way. Pressure-tested and ready to go, PIPs take the heavy lifting out of integration projects, enabling your IT team to focus on the tasks only an in-house team can do.

It’s as if you slaved away in the kitchen making the perfect holiday meal versus having it done for you by the most skilled chefs,  leaving you to reheat and quickly serve to your dearest family and friends

Other PIPs on the Table

There are other PIPs on most Thanksgiving tables. Green bean casserole uses canned green beans, canned cream of mushroom soup, and pre-made fried onions to name a few. Of course you could replace any of those items with homemade, but at considerable additional time, skill and expense. There’s a reason pre-made ingredients are easier to use.

To be clear, using pre-made ingredients (or a PIP) doesn’t mean sacrificing taste (or quality). It’s about balancing resources and prioritizing innovation.

For your SAP integrations, the same rings true. In fact, it’s why Gartner, 65% of integration projects will use PIPs by 2023. Integration projects are becoming more complex and resource-intensive, making starting from scratch more costly and risky. Business leaders should look to PIPs (packaged integration processes) to reduce the time-to-value for common lead-to-cash integrations.

So, for this Thanksgiving, how are you going to make your feast? Hopefully it’s with a strategic mix of handmade and purpose-built. 

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