Salesforce-SAP integration has never been easier.

We make the complex simple. In fact, our approach is
70-90% faster than others. Our proven, purpose-built approach means your customer-facing teams stay in Salesforce while harnessing the power of SAP.

SAP and Salesforce were never designed to work together. Until enosix.

Leveraging data virtualization to surface that information directly into Salesforce. And because we use data virtualization, the information is always there, always ready, and always correct.

The enosix platform is your competitive advantage

The smartest integrations

enosix leverages what’s already in SAP: Business logic. Pricing. Configurations. Availability. And much more.

The fastest go-live

Pre-built (but fully configurable) Salesforce app-specific solutions can be up and running in as little as a month, with test data flowing in as little as a day.

The smartest business decision

Future-proof your investment in digital transformation: enosix integrations port directly from ECC to S/4HANA when you are ready to make the move. No starting over from scratch.

Talk to an enosix expert about your SAP – Salesforce integration needs

The value of enosix: Simple. Scalable. Portable. Accelerated business velocity.

The enosix platform is developed by SAP experts to integrate with modern front-end systems. Bringing SAP business logic through to Salesforce apps, there’s no duplication or rebuilding with middleware.
salesforce SAP integration
The perfect balance of pre-built and customizable means faster time-to-value, a better customer experience, and reduced ongoing maintenance.

Integrate SAP data into any Salesforce Cloud…and more.

Instant access to a 360-degree view of your customers from orders and invoices, to custom pricing and quotes.

See how enosix SAP data virtualization means always accurate, always accessible data within the Salesforce Clouds your teams use. See a customer’s history, work orders, pricing levels, and more–without ever having to say “I’ll call you back when I have the information.”

100% accurate orders, quotes, and other data sent to SAP

The enosix platform ensures all SAP business rules and logic are applied to eCommerce, orders, and quotes.

See how bi-directional data flows between SAP and Salesforce–governed by all the same business rules and logic programmed in SAP. 100% accuracy means everything from self-serve eCommerce orders to field service time logging is simple, correct, and fast.

Any Salesforce cloud, any SAP lead-to-cash data.

No matter what version of SAP you are running, or have plans to upgrade to, the enosix platform future-proofs your connectivity investment. No rebuilding, no middleware to update, no re-mapping data points. Plus our real-time data virtualization means lightning-fast access to SAP data within Salesforce including all business logic, processes, rules, and authentications.

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Beyond Salesforce – Connect SAP lead-to-cash elements to other front-end systems.

Building on our deep expertise with SAP, we’ve simplified API access to lead-to-cash processes and data elements with an easy-to-understand structure you can quickly map to your application needs. Don’t want to do it yourself? Let’s talk about how we can help.

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Let’s talk about actual results from enosix clients

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Accelerate your business velocity

  • 98% Avg. faster quote turnaround time
  • 50% Avg. faster quote creation time
  • 25% Avg. faster customer service call resolution time
  • 50% Avg. reduction order entry time

Work smarter, not harder

  • 50% Avg. increase in first-time customer service call resolution
  • 100% reduction in pricing errors with virtualized SAP pricing in Salesforce
  • 38% Avg. reduction in quotes requiring pricing approval due to SAP Validation
When I started at Stanley Black & Decker and saw that we had SAP, I thought this would be a huge bottleneck. Now I wish that more of my systems were on SAP – enosix turned a pain into an opportunity for me.
Stephen Driggs
Global Head of IT, Stanley Black & Decker

Unifying SAP data inside Salesforce Clouds has never been easier

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