Case Study

AAF | Flanders Case Study

AAF Flanders is the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions, operating in 22 countries spanning across 4 continents. AAF Flanders first opened their doors in 1920 after an innovative filter invention was created by engineer, entrepreneur, and founder Bill Reed. Since that day, AAF has made it their mission to clean and protect indoor air quality around the globe to improve our quality of life.

The Challenge

AAF Flanders had a vision to transform their partner experience to enable them to have a portal to be fully self-sufficient in their day-to-day activities.

AAF was struggling to provide a streamlined partner experience due to the lack of information that was readily available to them. This caused multiple touch points between the inside sales teams and the partners because they didn’t have access to see simple information.

” Partners didn’t have any visibility into information like what price a specific material would cost, whether an order has been created and accepted, what the load date is, the tracking and carrier information, and whether an invoice has been paid already or not.

— Stacey Smith, Salesforce Business Analyst & Administrator, AAF Flanders

This was a major challenge for the business because it was not only a hindrance to the partner experience, but also resulted in a significant amount of time and costs related to fielding these calls.

The business desperately needed a way to streamline these processes to reduce the increasing amount of touchpoints and time required by the internal sales and service teams to serve a partner, and allow them to utilize a self-service portal that actually enables just that – self-service!

The enosix Solution

AAF Flanders ultimately decided that the platform they were going to use to achieve these goals would be Salesforce Community Cloud. Since they were already a customer of enosix for their internal Sales cloud, it was a no-brainer that enosix would be the integration solution that would provide the SAP data needed.

In order to be successful in this initiative, AAF needed a robust yet cost effective way to provide the partner specific SAP data to the fingertips of the partner representatives.

With enosix, AAF is able to provide their partners with real-time access to information like partner-specific pricing for products, delivery and tracking information, invoice history, and the ability to create orders all from one single UI to execute their day-to-day activities. All while providing AAF with a peace of mind knowing the orders created from the portal will be 100% accurate because it’s being validated by SAP in real-time.

And since the enosix solution is pre-built, they were able to extremely reduce implementation costs and timelines that they would have incurred from an alternative solution.

“We chose enosix for our Salesforce community because our previous implementation went so well… All of our implementations with enosix have been great, the project costs and timelines have always been a huge advantage for us.”

— Stacey Smith, Salesforce Business Analyst & Administrator, AAF Flanders

The Results

After an opportunity is identified to transform the experience of their strategic partners, AAF Flanders is able to provide a world-class self-service experience by providing real-time access to SAP data and order creation capabilities. Partners are no longer left wondering whether their order was received or when it will be delivered because they now have instant access to all needed information through a single interface. Allowing them to truly move at the speed of the customer.

  • Partners have access to real-time data for orders, partner-specific pricing, and invoices
  • Ability to create SAP orders from Salesforce
  • Ensure 100% accuracy of orders created through the portal
  • Reduced implementation costs and timelines


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