Case Study

Sonny’s Case Study

The Challenge

Sonny’s is the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies. Sonny’s was founded in 1949, when founder Sonny Fazio built his first full-serve car wash. Upon retiring in 1978, he began manufacturing replacement parts for his son’s chain of car washes and then later began manufacturing car wash equipment. Word quickly got out, and Sonny’s became flooded with orders for producing products that washed better, cost less, and produced a clean, dry, shiny car faster with less hassle and expense. Today, Sonny’s is a global leader in the car wash industry with 11 distinct lines of business that touch on every aspect of the car wash industry with over 1000 employees nationwide. It supports professional car wash investors, owners, and operators, providing them with a single source that helps them simplify their operations and drive profitability.

From day one, Sonny’s has sought ways to separate itself from rivals and serve as a global manufacturing leader for the car wash services market.

As part of this drive for continuous improvement, Sonny’s wanted to find new ways to provide a seamless customer experience. To achieve its goal, Sonny’s wanted to integrate SAP ECC with Salesforce CPQ, so its salespeople and distributors could access timely, relevant, and accurate pricing and inventory information in real time.

However, incorporating SAP ECC with Salesforce proved to be difficult, due in part to the middleware between the systems.

“We wanted to be able to give our clients and distributors a far easier, more robust, simpler platform to work through quotes without having to reinvent the system and without having to go through any business disruption.”

— Tim Elhefnawy, GM & VP, Parts Division


Sonny’s Quoting Process

Previously, the quoting process was cumbersome to the point where it hampered the customer experience.

There was an issue of mismatches between data in SAP ECC and the previous CRM. Salespeople would sometimes struggle to access accurate pricing and inventory data. If they provided the wrong price or incorrect inventory information, that mistake would impact the customer and create a bad experience.

This created a time consuming task for salespeople. Rather than quickly providing information to customers, salespeople were having to spend time verifying pricing and inventory information, in turn prolonging the time it took to provide a quote to customers.

Why Sonny’s Chose enosix

Integrating SAP ECC with Salesforce can be time-consuming and costly. It can take many months to integrate the systems and doing so can require custom development. Once the systems are consolidated, there is no guarantee they will work well together, either.

Thanks to enosix, Sonny’s can use Salesforce to put pricing and inventory data front and center. In fact, enosix ensures Sonny’s salespeople and distributors can access real-time, up-to-date information.

When we designed what we were going to do in Salesforce with enosix, we made it really simple. We put price activity dates front and center. The update process to that was clear. And, because we’re not simulating only, we really drew from the main database in ECC to make it work.

— Tim Elhefnawy, GM & VP,  Parts Division at Sonny’s


The enosix Solution

Where Sonny’s salespeople once struggled to get pricing and inventory data, the enosix platform ensures they can get the information they need exactly when they need it. As such, the platform is transforming Sonny’s customer experiences.

When salespeople want to provide a quote, they can pull up the information they need right away — no longer do salespeople require a laptop and VPN to do so. They can simply log into Salesforce and rest assured that their information is up to date.

Distributors can access pricing and inventory information in a fraction of time than was previously required, too. This ensures they can immediately respond to customers’ requests and queries. Meanwhile, Salesforce data is constantly updated, so salespeople can get accurate information without delay. This ensures salespeople are well-equipped to consistently fulfill customer orders.

We are getting more accurate information out the door … and we’re delivering far better experiences.

— Tim Elhefnawy, GM & VP, Parts Division at Sonny’s

Over 100 salespeople have been using Salesforce since enosix integrated SAP ECC into it. Sonny’s expects this figure to grow in the foreseeable future.

“There’s continuing thought on how we can make it easier to do things,” said Elhefnawy.



enosix helped Sonny’s transform its quoting process and, through it, the customer experience. Here are a few of the results of that transformation:

  • The enosix platform made it simple for Sonny’s to integrate SAP ECC with Salesforce.
  • enosix allows Sonny’s salespeople to access up-to-date data in Salesforce and supports the company’s mission to provide exceptional customer experiences.
  • Salesforce users have grown from a 5-person starter team to over 100 today.
  • Sonny’s distributors have access to the same Salesforce cost/quote capabilities as Sonny’s own team.

The growth and the business is so strong, we want to make sure that we’re able to keep delivering the best experiences for our customers.

— Tim Elhefnawy, GM & VP, Parts Division at Sonny’s 


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