Case Study

Stanley Black & Decker Case Study

Stanley Black & Decker Turns Manual Processes into a Seamless Experience

Headquartered in New Britain, CT, Stanley Black & Decker is a world leading manufacturer of industrial tools, household hardware, and provider of security products. For over 150 years, Stanley Black & Decker has invested in breakthrough innovation that focuses on delivering value to their customers, colleagues, and communities.

The Challenge

Picture this: A customer calls into your customer service team and requests a quote for additional products. Your team working in the CRM is tasked to build the quote and send it back to the customer as soon as possible to ensure the customer doesn’t shop elsewhere, but the system the representatives are working in doesn’t have access to the real-time, customer-specific pricing in the back-end ERP. This forces the team to manually swivel-chair multiple times during the process to quote or submit an order for the customer, leaving multiple opportunities for errors at each step of the process. Sound familiar?

This was the challenge SBD was faced with between their Salesforce and SAP systems, which resulted in multiple errors, and even money being left on the table, because of the inability to provide the customer with their accurate price at the time of the quote. The business demanded a better solution to reduce the amount of margin leakage and eliminate the amount of time wasted by internal teams to correct these errors. As a result of these manual processes and errors, it was estimated around $10M per year was being lost in margin leakage!

“A quarter of my time each day was to respond to emails correcting errors and issues.”

– Scott Dios, Vice President of Sales at Stanley Black & Decker


The enosix Solution

With enosix, Stanley Black & Decker eliminated the need to swivel-chair between solutions and avoided costly mistakes in the process. The quarter of time each day that was spent on correcting errors is virtually non-existent now that they have real-time access directly into the SAP data.

“With enosix, there are no longer errors, because the data comes directly from the source in SAP.”

– Scott Dios, Vice President of Sales at Stanley Black & Decker

And since enosix provides pre-built components for SAP integration, they were also able to short-cycle their development time for integration and get up and running in under six months.

“We discussed whether to build the integration vs. buy it, and at the end of the day we decided to buy it because of the out of the box functionality we could leverage. We can give the flexibility of the salespeople to close deals, without major oversight.”

– Scott Dios, Vice President of Sales at Stanley Black & Decker


  • Eliminated the need to swivel chair between systems
  • Eliminated errors and ensured accuracy between systems by providing data from the source
  • Accelerated implementation timelines – Go-live in only 6 months for full data viability and the ability to create SAP quotes/orders from Salesforce
  • Clear path for quick delivery of integration projects in the future



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