Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Integration

Launch a fully integrated eCommerce solution faster than you can say time-to-revenue

It is rare to find a company with a silver bullet like enosix that can actually deliver on what they promise
Scot Dios
Vice President of Sales

Accurate shopping carts become accurate orders–in real time.

No middleware to update–pricing, configurations, history–directly from SAP

Order accuracy is business-critical which is why enosix has 100% accuracy based on SAP validation

Customers can leverage pre-negotiated pricing and ATP inventory with real-time SAP ordering

Transform customer eCommerce into a frictionless, seamless experience

Customers and distributors can self-serve 24/7

SAP – Salesforce data integration creates a complete view of customers, transactions, invoices, and more

Always-accurate product data combine with real-time pricing and inventory availability in a self-service solution that creates orders directly in SAP

B2B commerce complexities are a thing of the past.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Frictionless eCommerce that drives revenue: that’s enosix

  • Guarantee accurate, customer-specific pricing from SAP directly through your commerce site
  • Leverage existing SAP business logic and 3rd party systems to calculate taxes, shipping and more–no need to reproduce it within Salesforce
  • Full customizable (but pre-built) customer UI interfaces enhance the ordering experience
  • Real-time inventory availability ensures orders can be successfully fulfilled before the customer clicks “Place Order”
  • Customers can see complete order history (not just orders created in the eCommerce portal) immediately–no batch-loading every 24 hours
  • Architectural simplicity and stability mean no middleware, no JCo Connector, no IDocs, no Netweaver Gateway
  • Accelerated time-to-value means enosix pre-built integrations take 70-90% less time than traditional approaches

How can I quickly launch an eCommerce solution that integrates with SAP?

Salesforce B2B Commerce, combined with enosix, provides a best-in-class, proven, prebuilt integration framework and engagement platform. This solution ensures that the most critical elements of eCommerce such as orders, contracts, products, pricing, and inventory are available in real-time (and accurate) to enable a world-class experience.



How can I simplify partner and distributor ordering?

Give partners and distributors real-time access to create and update SAP orders from within Salesforce–improving the self-service experience. Just like customers using an eCommerce portal, these extensions of your salesforce get real-time access to SAP data such as orders, invoices, and contracts–increasing adoption rates for your distributor community portal.

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