Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Integration

Leverage SAP data within Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Provide powerful manufacturing capabilities including forecasting, run-rate analysis, and rebate management.


News From Dreamforce:

enosix named Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud preferred partner for SAP integration together with Mulesoft

Instant sales agreements & SAP contract creation within Salesforce

Contract management at your fingertips utilizing real-time SAP data

SAP order history/actuals in Sales Agreements, plus a 360 view of SAP transactions

Seamless customer experience from order, to delivery

Track customer engagement, orders, deliveries, and returns all within Salesforce

Optimize IT resources and administration

enosix alleviates over 80% of the required time, cost, and risk vs. typical Salesforce and SAP integrations

The power of order history, SAP transactions, rebate management and the creation of SAP payout credit memos–all within Salesforce.

A 360-degree view of clients has never been easier. From within Salesforce, manage Sales Agreements, compare orders to actuals, ensure pricing compliance (including discounts and rebates), and more.

Key account management with all the necessary data, right at your fingertips:

  • Real-time actuals updated against sales agreements
  • Harness the power of virtualization to get real-time SAP data, minimizing replication
  • Bi-directional data flows ensure a single source of truth–no data silos
  • Architectural simplicity and stability mean no middleware, no JCo Connector, no IDocs, no Netweaver Gateway
  • Accelerated time-to-value means enosix pre-built integrations take 70-90% less time than traditional approaches
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How can I eliminate/minimize order errors?

In your business, even a .01% order error rate can be costly–in dollars, time, and customer satisfaction. Eliminating manual order entry ensures no potentially costly errors, or delays. In fact, enosix clients typically see a 75% reduction in order creation costs.


How can I streamline ordering processes to protect (and improve) margins?

With enosix, orders placed through Salesforce are 100% SAP price-accurate. That means price changes are always reflected in orders, ensuring pricing compliance and optimal profit margins. No manual order entry ensures no potentially costly errors, or delays.


[enosix] had a solution right out of the box that delivered what our representatives were used to inside SAP CRM… Access to the real-time data in SAP… having access to the live customer data helps us serve our customers better.
Wade Krzmarick
Director of IT

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