Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

Leverage SAP data in your Salesforce Sales Cloud for 360 customer visibility – always on, always up-to-date.

enosix makes Salesforce the only screen we need.
Fabian Huber
Group Leader, Order & Process Management

Reduce implementation time by 70-80%

IT resources are stretched thin

Simple and elegant data virtualization means no complex integration maintenance and reduced annual software license support costs.

Quotes, with customer-specific pricing take too long

From volume discounts, to real-time promotion updates, enosix lets sales create quotes with instant access to SAP-data on invoicing, availability and more.

Get a single view of your customer

Access SAP-based information including accounts, partners, orders, delivery status, inventory, pricing–all from within Salesforce.

Unlock SAP-based customer data and create sales documents with all the pricing and configuration logic that lives in your ERP.

Easy-to-configure Lightning components mean fast implementation and real-time integration.

Trust the experts

Top-line growth and bottom-line savings: that’s enosix.

  • Accelerated time-to-value means enosix pre-built integrations take 70-90% less time than traditional approaches
  • All your SAP lead-to-cash data accessible to Salesforce users
  • Harness the power of virtualization to get real-time SAP data, minimizing replication
  • Bi-directional data flows ensure a single source of truth–no data silos
  • Easy administration means Salesforce admins can place SAP data exactly where you want it
  • Architectural simplicity and stability mean no middleware, no JCo Connector, no IDocs, no Netweaver Gateway
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How can my team quickly generate quotes with accurate pricing and availability?

No doubt, quoting delays to verify pricing or availability cost you revenue. “I’ll get you that information by tomorrow” isn’t the speed of business anymore. With enosix, instant access to pricing, volume discounts, order history, etc. cut quote turnaround time by up to 95% and deliver 100% accuracy because the data always comes from SAP.


How can I unify my customer view – data is trapped across multiple systems–and even spreadsheets?

Accessing customer data across multiple systems is a customer care nightmare–costing time, resources, and impacting the customer experience. With enosix, a 360-degree view of the client, from orders and returns, to quotes and specialized pricing has never been easier. From within Salesforce, everyone from sales, to service, to field techs has access to the same information–presenting a unified, cohesive view of every account, instantaneously.

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