Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Deliver Fast, Personalized Service Seamlessly With Integrated SAP Data In Salesforce

It is rare to find a company with a silver bullet like enosix that can actually deliver on what they promise.
Scott Dios
Vice President of Sales

Business at the speed of your customer just got easier

Leverage data virtualization to ensure 100% of SAP business logic is applied within Salesforce

Keep a single source of truth–SAP–by never having to wonder if data batched from middleware is up-to-date with pricing changes, configurations, discounts, etc.

Never wonder where an account stands–from invoices, to returns, to quotes and deliveries

From at your desk or in the field, a complete view of account activities, history, transactions and more is available within Salesforce

Handle routine inquiries faster, with a complete view of the customer

A 360-degree view of customer data from SAP–without leaving Salesforce. Agents spend less time on adminutia and more time on value-added activities

Salesforce Admins can drag-and-drop SAP data directly into Salesforce screens for record-fast implementation and real-time integration

Pre-built integration modules means less custom development, faster implementation, and reduced risk–all with a better end-user experience

Salesforce Service Cloud

Delight customers with a 360-degree view of their account, history, and transactions:

  • All your SAP lead-to-cash data accessible to Salesforce users
  • Harness the power of virtualization to get real-time SAP data, minimizing replication
  • Bi-drectional data flows ensure a single source of truth–no data silos
  • Easy administration means Salesforce admins can place SAP data exactly where you want it
  • Architectural simplicity and stability mean no middleware, no JCo Connector, no IDocs, no Netweaver Gateway
  • Accelerated time-to-value means enosix pre-built integrations take 70-90% less time than traditional approaches

How can service teams quickly access a complete customer view–from quotes and orders, to tracking information and work orders?

The answer is to bring the information living in SAP directly into Salesforce so your service teams don’t have to jump between screens and systems. No one wants to say “I’ll get back to you,” because that’s not the speed of business or an excellent customer experience. enosix clients often see a 50% increase in first-time customer service call resolution because agents are able to quickly and accurately find customer information without leaving Salesforce.

How can agents see an account’s complete order (and quoting) history – regardless of how or when the order was placed?

With enosix, if the order is in SAP then the order will be in Salesforce! A complete view into past orders, pending quotes–even current order status and tracking information is all available for representatives to quickly and efficiently handle inbound inquiries.


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