SAP Front-End Integration

SAP REST APIs made easy. Reusable. Scalable. Simple.

Elegant, comprehensive REST APIs to connect your SAP ERP with hundreds of cloud-based applications

The enosix SAP front-end integration platform provides a REST API wrapper around our SAP framework. A library of standard RIOs (rapid integration objects) and dozens of special use case RIOs mean you can connect your on-premises SAP ERP system with any front-end platform that can make a REST call.

Reduce the implementation timeline for your SAP system integration project by 70-90%

Leverage the enosix API – save time and resources

Pre-built API calls with easy-to-understand, simple field names takes the guesswork out of accessing SAP-based data

Protect your data

Our API endpoints run in your cloud environment, only exposing the data you want seen

Developer-friendly API portal

Easy to understand and easier to use documentation means faster time-to-live timelines

Designed to build real-time integrations without requiring deep SAP expertise:

  • Our Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) live in SAP and ensure the right data is gathered and the right BAPIs are executed–you don’t need to be a BAPI expert!
  • All exposed API calls and field names are easy-to-understand English – no need to learn cryptic German abbreviations
  • Every API end point comes with a Swagger (OpenAPI) portal giving your developers documentation and an easy testing ground
  • Simple-to-use management portal gives you full control over the functionality exposed by each end point

Access all of your custom data and processes

  • Support for all your custom fields and tables – sync data, virtualize data, and execute SAP transactions
  • Your business logic is called inside SAP – just as if you had executed the transaction from SAP GUI
  • Build your own Rapid Integration Objects (using ABAP) to handle new scenarios

Real-time performance drives a modern front-end experience

  • Execute your complex joins and business logic in SAP – not your front end – and leverage powerful BAPIs that aren’t exposed for use by traditional integration tooling
  • Our RIOs do the hard work, so require 90-95% fewer API calls than trying to replicate them outside and only send back the data you need
  • Our patent-pending, proprietary integration platform runs in the SAP application layer and exposes its own endpoint – no Netweaver Gateway and no JCo connector
We are getting more accurate information out the door … and we’re delivering far better experiences.
Tim Elhefnawy
GM & VP Parts Division

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