SAP Variant Configuration Real-Time Within Salesforce, MuleSoft, and More

(yes, you read that right!)

Your team has spent considerable time building out variant configurations and pricing rules within SAP. You have thousands of configurable products with hundreds of thousands of characteristics and characteristic values available for any given product line, and based on the customer order.

You need all that information readily available in your CRM so your teams can quickly and efficiently generate accurate quotes to win business (growth) and drive profitability (margins). Time matters. Accuracy matters. But you shouldn’t have to rebuild and dual maintain all of that configuration logic.

Accurate pricing: critical for margins and customer satisfaction

Salesforce quotes created using the enosix platform are 100% accurate because all the rules, configurations and pricing are leveraged out of SAP in real-time. Users are walked through the configuration process as it computes inside SAP – no lag, no replication.. When it’s time to create the order, it’s impossible to create the order incorrectly, since it’s validated in real-time with SAP.

Moreover, ATP and inventory is always up-to-date so not only can custom configurations be priced, but delivery can be validated.

Why real-time SAP data is key to accurate Variant Configurations

MuleSoft, with enosix, solves last-mile integration challenges that traditional middleware and do-it-yourself solutions can’t. MuleSoft + enosix SAP integration leverages the complex business logic of Variant Configuration for 100% accurate, buildable products with no lag time.

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