eCommerce and Self-Service Portals drive business velocity

eCommerce and self-serve capabilities are now table stakes in the B2B world. Not having a seamless solution means you are losing business to competitors and spending more on support staff and order-taking infrastructure.

Without a great, easy-to-use, full-featured commerce site–customers will contact your call center. You have to balance staffing levels and costs with inbound call volume while costs (and wait times) can quickly skyrocket.

Seamless eCommerce – what does that mean?

Today, customers expect to be able to find basic information on their own. When is my shipment arriving? Can I get a copy of an invoice? What’s my price for this product if the quantity is lower than my normal order?

Where standard eCommerce solutions fall down is when trying to integrate with complicated ERPs like SAP. Until now.

Seamless eCommerce in the enosix world uses data virtualization so customers logging into their portal have a real-time window directly into SAP. No batching, no waiting until the next day for orders to appear–we’re talking about full visibility into all orders, no matter how they were placed and real-time volume-adjusted pricing based on the customer-specific thresholds set up in SAP.

It’s 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Anything else is friction. Anything that makes it harder to do business with you means your customers will look elsewhere. enosix helps you keep those customers coming back for more.

Orders placed online are 100% accurate and flow directly into SAP

Because the eCommerce portal is building the order within SAP as a client completes it, promotional pricing, configuration options, and inventory are always confirmed in real time. An errant order cannot be placed because it has to meet all the SAP requirements you’ve already spelled out–maintaining the only source of truth.

In short, recreating and dual-maintaining these configurations and associated dependencies in two systems is untenable.

The connected customer experience

Customers quickly trust a transparent and simple-to-use system. And if they reach out to the call center? Their representative will have a complete view into their order, their history, and their account specifics. Everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

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