Leverage SAP Data in Salesforce with enosix Sales CPQ

Improve quoting accuracy and quote-to-order conversion speed with enosix’s pre-built integration app

Your business relies on Salesforce CRM and SAP to operate on a daily basis. But a lack of integration keeps these two systems from reaching their full potential and from giving your customers the best possible experience.

As a business grows, pricing structures tend to get more complicated, especially if customizations and bundles are involved. Without easier access to this type of pricing data in SAP through a front-end system like Salesforce, customer-facing employees tend to have much slower response times and inaccurate data when interfacing with customers.

enosix Sales CPQ connects the real-time pricing and inventory SAP data with the front-end interface of Salesforce. Combining the complex SAP data with the accessibility of Salesforce gives every department in your organization the information they need to do their jobs and service the customer.

Minimum installation and configuration needed

enosix Sales CPQ is the only proven solution on the market that can integrate Salesforce CPQ with SAP (including Variant Configuration). What would normally take an entire IT team and hundreds or thousands of hours of work to install and configure can be resolved in a fraction of the time with enosix’s pre-built integration. This results in significant savings in cash and headaches that would otherwise be spent on a long configuration, testing, and implementation process.

And due to COVID-19 currently halting a lot of in-office interactions, it’s important to note that enosix Sales CPQ can be installed remotely. If you are looking to use this time to upgrade and improve your processes, enosix can work with you via phone and video to get your new integration up and running before business gets back to normal.

No need to manage multiple pricing systems

Without integrated systems, the only way for employees to access pricing information is to replicate that data from SAP to Salesforce. Products change constantly, as do suppliers, discounts, and quantities. The task of transferring this information accurately to Salesforce is risky, let alone maintaining it over a long period of time. Every change needs to be made in SAP and Salesforce. Plus, many configurations defined in SAP can’t be reproduced in Salesforce at all due to limitations of the CPQ Cloud.

With enosix Sales CPQ, employees can tap into SAP customer pricing and configuration logic in real-time without having to recreate configurations and price books in Salesforce. This integration gives employees access to vital information like discount validity and quantity pricing all in one place.

Create accurate quotes through Salesforce CRM

One of the biggest risks in maintaining separate systems and multiple versions of the same pricing rules is that things will inevitably fall out of whack. Because SAP is the home of pricing data, these failures usually occur in the replicated information on the CRM, which leaves salespeople with inaccurate data that they then use in customer quotes and orders. Then, when they try to put the produced quote into SAP to create an order, it will fail to work — causing additional work for the salesperson and a poor customer experience.

Providing customers with this inaccurate data has many implications for a business. It erodes confidence in and loyalty to a business with questionably managed systems and processes.

enosix Sales CPQ allows your sales team to create quotes with the pricing rules established in SAP directly through Salesforce. There is no need to worry about discrepancies between the systems, enosix gives you the peace of mind that any quotes provided to customers reflect the customer-specific pricing you created in SAP.

Convert quotes to orders easily

Without integrated back-end and front-end systems, valuable time is lost between quote approval and order placement. The process calls for multiple steps and employees just to transfer the quote to an actual order in SAP, which translates to delays in revenue and order fulfillment.

enosix Sales CPQ not only guarantees accurate quotes, but it gives salespeople the ability to convert an approved quote to an SAP order in one click directly through Salesforce. Removing the additional processing significantly reduces lead time from quote to order.

Provide a better customer experience

While integrating systems makes things easier and faster from a business operations point of view, it also greatly enhances a company’s ability to serve the customer. Receiving accurate quotes with the agreed-upon pricing will reduce the number of errors they see on their end and, in turn, increase their trust in you. Plus, the quick turnaround time from quote approval to order fulfillment means they get what they need faster.

When sales and customer service employees have access to SAP data within the CRM interface, it allows them to focus on one system and get all the answers they need. No more swivel-chair integration bouncing from system to system trying to track down the right information.

Leverage your SAP data with enosix Sales CPQ

enosix Sales CPQ gives you the power to leverage your SAP data for improved quoting accuracy and quote-to-order conversion speed. Our pre-built Sales CPQ app can get you up and running months faster than other approaches. The best part is, we can do it all remotely so you don’t have to wait for office visits and meetings.

Set an intelligent enterprise standard for your business with enosix Sales CPQ. Contact us today to schedule a free demo.

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