De-Risking Manufacturing Sales with Automated and Integrated Salesforce-to-SAP Quoting

Today’s manufacturers need an SAP-integrated, seamless quoting solution that supports not just quote creation and approval but downstream processes like order creation and fulfillment. It’s even more important as supply chain disruptions, talent shortages, and inflation directly impact time-to-ship, customer loyalty, and margin preservation. The goal should be 100% accurate and automated Salesforce to SAP quoting. This requires real-time access to data and processes in SAP and must be scalable and maintainable.

Without Salesforce to SAP quoting integration, organizations rely on manual integrations–aka employees–to do the manual work of looking up pricing and products in SAP and pasting/entering that information into a quoting system–each line item, each SKU, each configuration. For variant configurations the process is even more laborious as each specification must be checked in SAP and then detailed out in the quote. Once a quote is approved, that order must be re-created in SAP and if pricing has changed since the quote was created, pricing overrides must be applied to match the original quote. It’s swivel-chair integration at its worst–because it’s completely preventable.The P’s of Quoting: Products, Price, Promotions

To create an accurate manufacturing quote, the first step is assigning products. These can be stand-alone SKUs, bundles, or complex configurations handled by SAP Variant Configuration. Price can then vary based on configuration, ship-to address, account-based discounts, and more–all specified in SAP. Additional promotions may also be applicable to the quote–based on SKUs, bundles, volume, shipping timeframes, and more. Again, SAP logic governs this–but quotes aren’t created inside SAP. 

Beyond product, price, and promotions, quotes can also contain services, such as installation or maintenance, along with needing to connect to customer accounts, divisions, and shipping addresses. Each and every data point must be accurate to pre-negotiated contracts, availability, and SAP order creation rules to enable a seamless, touch-free quote-to-order process.

From Quote to Fulfillment and CRM to SAP

Accurate quotes must also respect downstream functions like buildability, inventory levels, materials availability, shipping options, warranty, and repairs/replacements–to name a few.

This requires a Salesforce-SAP integration that is so airtight it needs data virtualization–literally leveraging the data and logic inside SAP directly inside your front-end CRM. You can’t rely on manual processes creating orders in one system and entering them into SAP, nor can a custom developed Salesforce-SAP integration requiring data and logic replication (knowing these points change every minute, hour, and day) be considered tenable. 

enosix, whose name means unity in Greek, delivers purpose-built, pre-made integrations to solve specific business problems like quoting and SAP. This real-time relationship is made possible by running in the application layer of SAP–using prebuilt integrations and custom ABAP objects to create quotes and orders in real-time with Salesforce. This dialogue-based relationship with SAP means no large data calls back-and-forth between systems and no replication of logic. Quoting is simple, fast, and accurate. Oh, and it’s certified for both ECC and S/4HANA–with little-to-no rework required (and done by enosix) when you migrate.

Go Live in a Fraction of the Time Needed for Middleware or Custom Built

Because enosix’s expertise lies in SAP integrations – our prebuilt modules mean your data can be flowing between Salesforce and SAP in a matter of days or weeks – not months or longer. And because no data is being stored, replicated, or managed inside Salesforce–your Sales Ops teams can stay focused on addressing business issues, not managing an integration.

Listen to our latest enosix SAP Mash-Up webinar recording on De-risking Salesforce + SAP Integration to Create a Winning Quoting Capability. Or read how Stanley Black & Decker, Sonny’s, and AAF Flanders create seamless quotes in Salesforce that automatically become SAP orders, upon approval. 

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