De-risking Salesforce + SAP Integration to Create a Winning Quoting Capability


Everyone loves a good mash-up song: two songs that aren’t meant to work together but do and create a new, blended mix of both.

In the SAP world, SAP and Salesforce weren’t designed to work together but creating a “mash-up” between the two is essential to deliver accurate quotes to achieve margin excellence and stay ahead of your competition.

Join enosix for an incredibly powerful session designed to help you better compete in your industry.  Attendee’s will learn why so many organizations struggle with quoting, how to remove the typical barriers, and deliver a proven capability to outsell your competition.


In this on-demand webinar you will learn:


  • Why the current quoting model is broken
  • Disruptive trends reshaping SAP integration that can advance your quoting capability
  • What can you do now to prepare and stay ahead of the game
  • Industry outcomes and examples of success