Better Together: SAP ERP and ServiceNow IT Asset Management

The business case for ITAM (IT Asset Management) is made even stronger when it’s integrated directly with SAP. This drives cost-optimized asset acquisition, maximized return on investment, minimizes risks associated with software licensing and compliance, and ensures business continuity. By integrating SAP and ServiceNow, enterprises can address key business challenges without deploying another middleman solution.

This eBook covers:

  • Why integrating SAP and IT Asset Management is critical
  • Benefits of SAP integration for HAM (Hardware Asset Management) and SAM (Software Asset Management)
  • Impacts of ITAM outside of IT, and how SAP integration drives efficiency
  • Banishing swivel-chair integrations in favor of real-time SAP data directly inside ServiceNow ITAM solutions
  • SAP-ITAM integration timelines (measured in weeks, not months)

SAP integrations should be pre-built, pre-tested, and pre-configured, but still completely customizable. This is what drives business value and IT efficiency.