enosix purpose-built iPaaS solutions speed time-to-market

enosix combines a purpose-built framework with Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) to become your competitive advantage

enosix pre-packaged, easy to understand SAP integrations bring data virtualization to the iPaaS market

When time is of the essence (and when isn’t it) your digital transformation needs to leverage low-risk, pre-packaged integrations. Even more so when using an ERP like SAP and front-end solutions which were never designed to work together.

For iPaaS innovators, enosix has broken the mold for leveraging real-time data within SAP. This isn’t an accelerator, this is a game-changer.

Vendors increasingly cater for self-service integration, to serve the needs of ad hoc software and application developers, IT operations staff, line-of-business IT roles, as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS providers. Pressure to reduce time-to-value motivates features that emphasize packaged integration processes in vendor offerings.

Market Guide for Application Integration Platforms, June 2021

Data virtualization means synchronous access for lead-to-cash and order-to-cash functions

enosix is leading the market with data virtualization from SAP. Offering both read-only and bi-drectional integrations, enosix offers iPaaS users reduced time-to-market and reduced risk.

It’s never been more important, nor easier to leverage real-time data, business rules, and processes with SAP. enosix purpose-built framework and Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) become a single solution Data Integrators can trust (and easily adopt).

enosix purpose-built packaged integration processes (PIPs) are your competitive advantage

  • Seamlessly handling of custom fields, tables, and business logic–with prebuilt APIs that don’t have to be written and maintained over time
  • Less latency–because enosix runs in SAP
  • Automatic handling of SAP security, auditing, and logging
  • Front-end developers can access an easy-to-understand APIs

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