The Human Experience (HX) and SAP Integration

As more technology and automation enters the workplace – the human experience (HX) can be pushed to the wayside. The human-technical interface is constantly evolving with greater focus on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for software. Even modern manufacturing machinery guides users to fix errors and improve throughput.

It’s also important to note the human experience can include swivel-chair integrations of jumping between programs because the needed data isn’t where it should be. It can also include shopping carts with only partial orders because custom configurations can’t be completed via eCommerce. And it can also include field service reps having to call back to the home office to find out where a needed part is, or when to expect a shipment.

That’s where SAP integration comes in. SAP is the single source of truth for thousands of enterprises–housing decades of business process and rules, complex logic, and user-specified access points. (It’s also based on a complex table architecture and it’s written in German–but that’s content for another blog.)


SAP Breaking Down Barriers

Anyone who has worked with SAP probably disagrees that it breaks down barriers. But with proper integration and a focus on the human experience, that’s exactly what it can do. The integration of SAP into manufacturing processes is not merely a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic investment in fostering a workplace culture that values collaboration, innovation, and efficiency. 

By seamlessly connecting various departments, SAP integration breaks down silos, allowing for real-time communication and data exchange. This not only empowers employees with the tools they need to excel in their roles but also creates a more connected and engaged workforce.

Integrating SAP data means meeting customers and employees where they are – in their CRM, in their Asset Management solution, in their iPaaS-connected applications, and more. The key is to not try and replicate (and then maintain) the data, rules, processes and logic that are already done in SAP. 

The human experience sweet spot is leveraging the best human competencies–intuition, creativity, personalized communications–and combining it with the speed, scale, accuracy, and efficiency of technology.


We’re All Human

There’s a saying in marketing that it’s no longer about B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) anymore–because all buyers are people. So it’s about a B2P experience. It’s the same in your business–where improving the customer experience (CX) and the employee experience (EX) are really about the human experience (HX). When applying this filter to business initiatives it becomes about keeping promises and ensuring the right people have the right information–at the right time–to then keep their promises.

Does a customer want to self-serve and track where their order is? Absolutely. Do they also want to be able to call a customer service rep while they’re driving to the airport and get the answer–where the rep has all the information at their fingertips? Absolutely.

Designing for human expectations can drive better experiences in small ways (like a chatbot on a website) and in larger ways (like enabling sales to configure-price-quote (CPQ) a complex customer order without ever leaving Salesforce). Leaning into prebuilt SAP configurations ensures your organization’s people stay focused on what they do best–driving your business forward–and not on less-valuable tasks like order error resolution, jumping between systems, and answering the same “where’s my order?” question 100 times a day.


The enosix Difference: Real-Time SAP Integration for Real-Time Accurate Data

“We really set out to change the game in integration–to get away from the old stigma that it needs to be linear and you need to build it all yourself,” said enosix Founder Gerald Schlechter. “Trusted data was the core essence of everything we do. We need to have 100% accuracy in everything we do because that’s critical in driving an optimal human experience with data.

At enosix we believe in the human connection–that data exists to serve the people that benefit from it in ways that are intuitive, productive, and valuable. By simplifying access to data, we unify the world’s most complex systems in real time. This seamless human experience with trusted data empowers our customers to keep their promises.

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