SAP/SFDC Integration Scenarios and Approach: It’s the Process!

The goal of my last post was to define the difference between “Data Integration” and “Process Integration”, and why existing ETL (iPaaS) vendors fail at the

5 Metrics Of Successful CPQ Selling Strategies

Real-time integration between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), pricing, product catalogs, CRM-based CPQ applications is the most powerful catalyst for moving sales cycles forward. The five metrics

5 Ways To Create Greater Customer Engagement With CPQ

The future of complex selling is being defined by emerging trends in Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) today. Real-time integration that gets customers the data they need, when and

3 Ways You Can Turbocharge CPQ Selling

  When new CPQ apps first launch they often get adopted fast, because they make selling easier by removing roadblocks to greater revenue. The first phase of a

Five Ways CPQ is Revolutionizing Selling Today

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) continues to be one of the hottest enterprise apps today, fueled by the relentless need all companies have to increase sales while delivering customized orders profitably

How Salesforce Integration Accelerates Sales Cycles

It’s often the first sales quote that wins any given deal as prospects always have a strong sense of urgency to get their problems solved. Being the fastest

5 Ways To Improve Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Selling With Integration

The difference between achieving sales quotas and closing more deals often begins at the start of sales cycles. Creating a quick sales cycle cadence supported by quotes and proposals

CIO’s Guide To The New Economics Of Real-Time Integration

CEOs’ decisions today to pursue digital-first strategies for greater revenue growth are defining their company’s competitive strengths in the future. CIOs and their teams are being challenged to drive

The Future Of Integration Is Being Defined By Scalable, Service-Oriented Architectures

Accelerating every business process that impacts customers is more important than moving the data around that supports them. The key to winning customers is giving them excellent experiences

Five Reasons Why Every CIO Needs An Integration Roadmap In 2017

The difference between CIOs who lead and those caught in never-ending reactionary cycles is often a strategic IT plan and integration roadmap. It’s the CIOs who take the time

2017 Is The Year Integration Enables Industry 4.0 Growth

• 35% of companies adopting Industry 4.0 predict revenue gains over 20% in the next five years. • Data analytics and digital trust are the foundations of Industry

5 Ways Real-Time Mobile Apps Delight Customers And Streamline Manufacturing

Providing real-time responses 24/7 on any mobile device anywhere is the new normal in 2017. 54% of B2B companies selling online report that their customers are using smartphones

2017: The Year Integration Enables the Internet Of Things and Industrial Analytics   

Enabling real-time integration across on-premise and cloud platforms often involves integrating SAP, Salesforce, third-party and legacy systems. 2017 will be a break-out year for real-time integration between SAP,

Ten Strategies For Improving Quality Management With SAP And Salesforce Integration

Accelerating customer referrals, earning repeat business, and successfully launching new products are just of the few of the benefits gained from being passionate about quality. The information

Five Strategies For Improving Customer Relationships Using Salesforce Integration

Bottom line: Defining salesforce integration strategies from the customers’ perspective that streamline every aspect of their relationship with your company drives greater revenue, earns trust and creates upsell

Why IT Must Move Beyond ETL to Surpass

  The initial IT needs that led to the development and use of Extract, Transformation and Load (ETL) tools and technologies are at an inflection point. On

5 Ways Integration Is Enabling The Factory Of The Future

93% of global product leaders say that predictive maintenance combined wth real-time equipment monitoring enabled by integration is a must-have for factory planning today. 75% of global product

  • Salesforce/SAP integration

3 Ways To Improve Selling Results With SAP Integration

The more integrated the systems are supporting any selling strategy, the greater the chances sales will increase. That’s because accuracy, speed, and quality of every quote matters

Top 10 Ways Integration Will Transform Manufacturing In 2017

Integrating ERP, CRM, and legacy systems lead to greater manufacturing innovation, setting the foundation to move beyond business models that don’t stay in step with customers’ fast-changing

Key Takeaways From Gartner’s Market Guide For Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) Application Suites, 2016

Gartner estimates the CPQ application suites market was $570M in 2015, attaining 20% year-on-year growth between 2014 and 2015. Cloud-based CPQ revenue was $157M in 2015, attaining 46%

How To Scale Complex Selling Strategies With Sales Integration

Every day sales teams face the challenge of meeting and beating their quotas using a variety of strategies and systems to support their efforts. Even the most successful

enosiX Announces Steve Millard as Strategic Advisor

Millard brings vast data analytics and integration industry experience to help company increase scalability for future growth SAN FRANCISCO and CINCINNATI – October 4, 2016 – Today at

Is Dreamforce finally here?

We are so excited that Dreamforce is finally here! Please stop by Meeting Room 36 and learn about how we are helping companies like YETI are using our