Salesforce-SAP Integration has never been this powerful (or easy)

Real-time data virtualization brings the power, rules, and configurations of SAP, directly to the Salesforce front-end.

enosix for Salesforce Clouds

For the most common Salesforce use cases, we have solutions that allow you to get started in days to weeks – not the 9-18 months typical of other integration approaches. These include components for virtualizing any data out of SAP, such as SAP order history, deliveries and invoices, while also transacting with SAP in real time, creating quotes or orders from within Salesforce in complete compliance with SAP business logic.

Simple yet powerful enosix integrations fuel your Salesforce CPQ with your complex SAP pricing and Variant Config models, and enable robust self-service capabilities for your B2B commerce portal because they all have the insights they need into the SAP data.

Sales teams get instant access to 100% accurate prices and configurations

Front-line employees have a complete picture of their customers–the orders they have placed, what contracts and quotes are on the account, even delivery status updates are all available from anywhere.

Customer service teams can quickly resolve inbound customer inquiries without ever leaving Service Cloud.

Service employees can spend less time searching for client information–invoices, tracking information, quotes, work orders–since all this information is in one place for them. The result? More time on value-added activities.

IT departments benefit from up to 80% shorter implementation timelines, with scalable, purpose-built SAP connections.

Deliver the single-screen solution your customer-facing teams need to solve SAP-Salesforce integration challenges and reduce IT administration efforts at the same time. Plus keep your development team focused on existing projects.

See how enosix seamlessly unites SAP-based data and Salesforce front-end systems

When I started at Stanley Black & Decker and saw that we had SAP, I thought this would be a huge bottleneck. Now I wish that more of my systems were on SAP – enosix turned a pain into an opportunity for me.
Stephen Driggs
Head of Global CRM

The business impact of enosix unifying SAP and Salesforce

  • 100% accuracy for quotes and pricing from live, customer-specific pricing in SAP
  • Streamline operations by pulling all the data your customer-facing employees need in one place–Salesforce
  • The right answer, every time with an up-to-the-second view of the data in your SAP ECC or S4/HANA system
  • Simplify the customer experience (and empower employees) with a 360-degree view of accounts and transactions
  • Lighten the IT maintenance burden by leveraging the logic and customizations existing within SAP–requiring no dual maintenance
  • Accelerate time-to-value with enosix pre-built integrations that take 70-90% less time to implement than traditional approaches

Learn how enosix Reduces Stanley Black & Decker Costs and Standardizes Quoting

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