Keeping Customer Promises with Trusted Data Integrations in Salesforce & MuleSoft

Trusted Data was on everyone’s mind at Dreamforce–from the keynote to the panel sessions to the conversations in the hallways. Of course we can’t get enough of that subject–it’s why we’re so passionate about connecting your SAP ERP(s) with Salesforce (and any other systems of record like ServiceNow). Using Trusted Data + Trusted AI + Trusted CRM is the ONLY way to deliver a transformational customer experience.

What this means in practical terms is the integration combination of enosix and MuleSoft helps organizations reduce risk and accelerate innovation by connecting real-time SAP data to applications, data, and devices. This is simply not possible with batched data.

Reuse for Simplicity and Accuracy

A key benefit of MuleSoft is reuse. Do the work now on integrations and connections, and re-use that architecture no matter how the future evolves. enosix is right there with the same message. More than a connector, enosix is a pre-built library of 50 SAP APIs tested to work with ECC, S/4HANA and everything in between. And building an SAP integration with MuleSoft and enosix now means re-use later not re-coding. Simply put, the combination of enosix and MuleSoft extends the value of the Anypoint platform to enable things that no other platforms can do.

Synchronous, real-time Trusted Data unlocks the ability to enhance customer satisfaction and fuel transformative business results.

Beyond Sales and Customer Service: Real-Time SAP Data Transforms

Having real-time SAP data directly in Salesforce has clear and demonstrated benefits: accurate CPQ, single-screen first-time customer call resolution, eCommerce with account-specific pricing (and able to handle Variant Configuration/complex configurable products), just to name a few. But the tight connection of enosix and MuleSoft brings other business transforming applications for supply chain optimization, preventive maintenance, analytics, IT asset management, and more.

Most large organizations are running 1k-2k applications and the ability to combine MuleSoft and enosix – to bring real-time SAP data to bear in any one of those other applications is revolutionary. 

The Architecture Equation:
MuleSoft + enosix = Real-Time Trusted Data

enosix sits alongside SAP–enabling access to order, customers, material master, and more. That data can then be deployed via MuleSoft connectors to external applications and sources. Virtualized data means the data is passed through to another system, but not persisted. No caching, no replicating–those data elements pop in, when needed, without having to be individually governed and secured.

To hear more about how MuleSoft + enosix = real-time trusted data, watch the replay of our Dreamforces session!

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