Elevate SAP to the Speed of Your Customer With Google Cloud

With Google Cloud support, enosix enables integrated SAP performance that keeps pace with your customers’ expectations.

COVID-19 has slowed the world, except for one factor: Customers still want a fast, accurate, and tailored buying experience. The booming online marketplace has seen a huge surge in online spending — Adobe estimates COVID-19 caused $107 billion of extra sales in a year that had already racked up $497 billion — and businesses must evolve quickly to meet demand.

Google, enosix and the new normal

The pandemic has challenged standard ways of working. The enosix partnership with Google now creates an always-evolving solution that delivers greater agility and performance speed for your new normal.

Together, we are stepping up to help customers meet the ever-increasing demand for flexible cloud-based SAP; to reduce operational risk; and find a pioneering platform to drive new applications, insights, analytics, and greater adaptability to unseen global events.

Modern SAP thrives on using AI and machine learning to streamline payment processes, and many SAP customers further augment these processes with tools developed on Google Cloud with enosix.

High-level capabilities for next-level speed

enosix operates within the Google ecosystem — a smart infrastructure with a 20-year foundation that has been globally stress-tested to provide a digital transformation platform for businesses across industries. SAP conducts all its S/4HANA development globally on Google Cloud, which provides five layers of access control protection around the SAP application, from the data right up to the last mile/user.

enosix offers cutting edge, real-time SAP integration that can connect ERP and CRM platforms in the cloud just as successfully as those running on your own servers. We provide a powerful infrastructure that tackles and simplifies business continuity issues like IT complexity, outages, and unplanned downtime by providing an integration platform that stays up and running 99.9% of the time — an unmatched business continuity figure.

Our SAP solutions drive pace and deliver platform templates with unique capabilities and advantages. From disaster recovery to consolidating complex data pipelines, enosix provides simplified speed and safety while letting businesses operate in 24 global regions across 74 availability zones, all on one virtual private cloud.

How enosix streamlines SAP

We know that our customers need real-time SAP integration with front-end systems, like Salesforce to support sales teams and eCommerce applications that provide fast and strong self-service options for their customers. Your systems must be able to work together to adapt to consumer needs and changing pandemic situations behind the scenes. Modern SAP platforms need to handle real-world volatility alongside high-velocity selling and real-time calls.

We built our own framework to be more scalable, responsive, and resilient. It lets customers confidently see what is available in inventory, how much it costs (for that client), and when it should arrive all while empowering your staff to quickly answer any customer query.

Inflexible CRM and ERP systems slow you down. This is why enosix approaches integration with a focus on the individual agility of each business.

ERP connectors and old-fashioned middleware typically operate with a couple of non-purpose-built APIs that do not fit modern engagement requirements. enosix is nothing like them. We take an object-oriented approach through our many Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs), which are pre-built in the back end for S/4HANA, and we avoid generic APIs in favor of installing customer-specific ones.

This creates a faster and more user-friendly experience for everyone. It also handles complex data structures more efficiently; many tools can integrate with enosix, which makes the API more robust. Our RIOs translate SAP technical terms in a way that allows IT management to leverage the staff and skill sets they already have without the time-consuming process of hiring new integration developers.

We also leverage amazing new Google applications like their image recognition software, which helps connect data to real-time service notifications from the back end and allows quicker decisions, processes, and solutions.

Efficiency and reduced expenses keep your business in the race

Time is money, now more than ever. Many businesses are currently focused on migrating to the cloud as quickly as possible while seeking to optimize and free up working capital to make that happen. This can be tough in these economic times, and facing financial hurdles means customers could leave you behind.

We have saved clients like Shure 50% in development costs, delivered 100% accuracy of pricing, and provided 70% faster implementation. For Stanley Black & Decker, enosix delivered a 75% reduction for order creation development costs and $10 million in annual savings in margins. For Teletrac Navman, we provided a 75% faster implementation and 80% reduced development cost.

As a Google partner, enosix can provide access to a cost-free cloud migration program and help with infrastructure expenses while your business transitions. We provide further value through our pay-as-you-go architecture, charging only for what you consume, which dramatically reduces the cost of ownership.

enosix is committed to your success

We bring the best version of SAP to businesses by helping them successfully pivot and create new outcomes during the pandemic, and to accelerate coming out of it. Our mission is to deliver that acceleration to every business and provide the ability to continuously improve through innovation.

enosix can share our knowledge on solving a spectrum of SAP integration problems, lifting your platform to the next level so you can keep pace with customers. To hear more about our partnership with Google Cloud and how it will help your SAP deliver front-end information at real-time speeds, watch our webinar SAP at the Speed of Your Customer with Google Cloud Lead Edy Sardilli.

At enosix, we are setting the new standard for SAP integration. Our products are designed to empower customers by creating full, seamless, and bi-directional connections between front-end systems of engagement and the SAP ERP. Request a demo to see us in action, call 844-436-6749, or visit our contact page to send us a question.

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