End Lift-and-Shift With Seamless CPQ Integration via enosix Transact

Uniting your SAP ERP with Salesforce CPQ, enosix provides a seamless, accurate, connected experience for customers and reps

Key Takeaways:

  • Lift-and-shift integration is error-prone and consumes resources
  • Transact provides seamless full-CPQ integration with SAP and SAP VC
  • From quote to delivery, enosix provides the experience customers expect and saves six-to-eight hours a week of sales rep time
  • enosix is the only solution of its kind, and implementation is quick

Today’s customers expect a seamless, connected experience. But for manufacturers, this requires figuring out how to merge their front and back-office data, which can be a frustrating challenge. There are complex scenarios that involve processes from quote, to sales, to production, to fulfillment, and an integration gap between any of them will negatively impact the customer experience. enosix is the only way to achieve seamless CPQ integration with SAP and SAP Variant Configuration (VC).

Your sales reps want a front-end CPQ system that lets them build quotes quickly in Salesforce, but the configuration rules are in SAP, along with all the back-office systems, which creates inefficiencies and mistakes that can cost time and money. The old “lift-and-shift” model of copying data from one system to another, often manually, is a nightmare scenario that’s prone to error and requires constant updating.

So how can manufacturers connect the front and back office without having to recreate the same data in both places? How can you continue to have master product catalogs and pricing in SAP? You also need to support the rules in SAP VC for your e-commerce site running off back-end and downstream processes that are dependent on SAP logic, and you need to seamlessly replicate all of this in CPQ.

It seems daunting, but there’s a simple solution enosix bi-directional integration

enosix provides full CPQ integration with SAP – seamlessly

Today’s businesses are data-dependent and require real-time integration. This means the ability to produce quotes in Salesforce that include your established SAP custom pricing rules, customer-specific pricing, bundling, and any other variables you’ve coded into the ERP.

enosix simulates and virtualizes your data with no need to recode complex business logic — if there is a change in SAP, that change is available to CPQ users in real-time.

enosix allows you to set pricing rules in SAP for accurate quotes for your entire sales team, and when the orders come in, reps can use CPQ to convert approved quotes to SAP orders by simply clicking a button with no additional processing.

No recoding required, and no replication

Replicating means that you mirror data from SAP ERP in another system, which means maintaining separate datasets in both SAP ERP and Salesforce. This requires a lot of manual data entry while accounting for thousands of dynamic datapoints that will have to be reconciled on an ongoing basis.

Also known as “lift-and-shift” integration, this method offers far too many opportunities for mistakes and is filled with hidden costs in terms of time to find and correct each and every error.

Integrate SAP VC with Salesforce

enosix integrates SAP VC with Salesforce — in real-time — which lets you leverage the power of SAP VC in your Salesforce quotes, with or without CPQ. These two applications, working together, allow you to manage your full data set with bi-directional integration.

Sales CPQ and VC means SAP and Salesforce work together so you can harness the power of your data to deliver not only the ideal customer experience, but also to save your sales reps six-to-eight hours of work. This gives them more time to personally connect with their customers.

What full CPQ integration means to your manufacturing business

enosix is the only proven SAP CPQ integration solution that can integrate Salesforce CPQ with SAP VC, and it offers the following advantages:

  • You can leverage the business logic you’ve already built in your SAP ERP: Custom pricing and configuration logic are replicated in real-time in Salesforce, which guarantees order accuracy.
  • The need to manage your pricing and configuration in multiple systems is eliminated, and you avoid the errors created by attempting to translate years of collected SAP logic into other platforms.
  • Bad, inaccurate quotes are a thing of the past because your Salesforce order entry system acts as if you are directly logged into SAP. This means no out-of-date data is used for quotes.

enosix Transact’s seamless Salesforce CPQ integration means speedy order entry and real-time order visibility — views of SAP orders are available immediately after order placement. SAP quotes can be created and modified in Salesforce and approved quotes can instantly be turned into orders because they have already been validated.

Our pre-built solution to connect any Salesforce Cloud (including CPQ) and SAP together (including VC) means a dramatically shortened development and integration cycle.

Maximize the power of your IT investment

enosix integration solutions provide your manufacturing company with a more connected and informed experience for customers by providing accurate quotes and more personalized attention from their sales reps.

You’ll equip your customer-facing employees with the information they need when they need it, reduce costs for IT maintenance and implementation, and accelerate your time-to-value. Reach out to schedule a demo today to see enosix in action.

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