enosix Surface: Setting a New Standard for SAP Integration


Enhance the customer experience by giving Salesforce users real-time SAP data

Integrated real-time data is critical to a smooth and efficient business operation. Unfortunately, many businesses simply don’t run that way. Information is siloed between SAP and the front-end system. This not only creates delays and gaps, but it also leaves customer-facing employees without critical data they need to do their jobs.

enosix Surface is setting a new standard for SAP integration to solve this very issue. The goal of Surface is to provide the right members of your team with the right information, whether it’s your sales team, your customer service representatives, or other Salesforce users. Having the ability to view SAP data natively within Salesforce dramatically expands the capabilities and efficiency of your entire organization.

An end to ‘swivel-chair’ integration

“Swivel-chair integration” describes what happens when Salesforce and SAP are not aligned with effective integration. Customer-facing teams speak with a customer and look up their account in the CRM. But as soon as they need a piece of critical information like invoice history, order status, delivery confirmation, or partner details, that salesperson or customer service rep has to stop and swivel to another screen to check SAP for data that is lacking or out-of-date in the CRM. Sometimes they even have to hang up and call another department to chase down answers to the most basic customer questions.

With enosix Surface, that information juggling act is a thing of the past. Our tool “surfaces” essential customer data from the SAP ERP into Salesforce CRM. Your customer-facing personnel have exactly the information they need from the system of record at their fingertips without interrupting the customer conversation. This can be the difference between making a sale and losing customers forever.

Minimal setup, remote configuration

Long and complicated implementations are often enough to deter organizations from attempting an integration like this. By contrast, Surface can be installed and configured within two to four weeks, giving your team a full 360-degree view of your customers in no time at all.

Surface requires no front-end coding or middleware, saving time and money on IT implementation. The entire change-over can be done remotely — even under COVID-19 restrictions, enosix Surface can be implemented safely while maintaining all social distancing protocols.

Access data natively within Salesforce

The beauty of enosix Surface is that it allows your team to access SAP data natively through Salesforce. Each account receives an SAP customer number, creating a one-to-one relationship between an account in Salesforce and a customer in SAP. Previously inaccessible or hidden data is now available through a familiar interface with a user-friendly experience.

Everyone in your organization, from customer service to sales to finance, is able to reference real-time information from one common data source. Information such as customer sales, opportunities, invoices, and item conditions are all accessible through the CRM. You can even use your Salesforce Opportunities to get real-time, accurate pricing out of SAP.

Give users real-time answers

enosix Surface not only makes things easier, but it also empowers your team to be more independent and efficient. Salesforce users will now have access to all SAP data including customers, orders, materials,      invoices, and more.

Customer-facing employees such as customer service and sales representatives can quickly find answers to their questions, vastly improving the customer experience. Salesforce users can access sales document details, which gives them detailed descriptions about specific materials and items within an order. They also have insight into SAP deliveries, so they can see exactly where an order is.

Customize integrated data

At enosix, we know that one size does not fit all. Through our Salesforce Lightning components, everything about enosix Surface can be custom-managed to suit your data needs. Only replicate the data that is necessary to Salesforce and needed for business processes, reporting, and analysis. As you work more with Surface, you can evolve      what your Salesforce users are able      to see.

Get started with enosix Surface today

If you’re ready to integrate your SAP data with Salesforce, there’s no need to wait. Surface can be configured and installed remotely, giving you all the data you need in days while also accelerating your time to value.

enosix integration solutions are the answer for enterprise companies looking to provide a more connected and informed experience for their customers. Surface equips your customer-facing employees with the knowledge they need when they need it. Work intelligently by bringing your SAP functionality through to your front-     end Salesforce system with enosix.

Contact us today to schedule a demo, and learn how you can integrate enosix Surface today.


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