For accurate, real-time SAP pricing in Salesforce, the answer is enosix

Integrating SAP pricing into Salesforce quotes, CPQ, or B2B Commerce is mission-critical and easier than ever with enosix. Rebuilding SAP pricing within Salesforce is untenable given the pricing complexity created by the applicability of multiple SAP condition types – country, volume discount levels, and more. The time and effort required to replicate, and then maintain, this complex logic in a second system is unthinkable.

With enosix, when products are added to a Salesforce-based opportunity, a seamless order simulate within SAP is initiated. This is only possible with enosix’s data virtualization framework – where SAP data is available within Salesforce instantaneously. In real-time, the order validates in SAP, applies all pricing, and updates the Availability to Promise (ATP) date.

The end result is a 100% accurate Salesforce quote, CPQ, or B2B commerce shopping cart.

By enabling complete pricing and quoting within Salesforce, manufacturers we work with typically see:

  • Increased quote output for improved revenue growth
  • 32% reduction in quotes requiring approvals, on average
  • Increased margin protection
  • Improved Salesforce efficiency and productivity

Learn more about how enosix connects SAP and Salesforce to deliver 100% SAP-accepted quotes and orders, or schedule a conversation with an integration expert now.

See how easy enosix makes integrating SAP pricing into Salesforce

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