Self-Service Sales Solutions with enosix

Bi-directional integration between SAP and Salesforce enables self-service functionality for salespeople, customers, and distributors

Salesforce and SAP are incredibly powerful platforms, but without integration, your businesses could be missing out on the potential to expedite sales, enable employees with real-time data, and improve the customer experience.

Our goal at enosix is to create smarter integration to not only make life easier for you and your internal team but your customers and distributors as well. With enosix Transact, Commerce, and Connect products, you can do just that, enabling B2B sales and superior customer service.

enosix Transact

enosix Transact is a bi-directional integration between Salesforce and SAP ECC or S/4HANA. It makes critical SAP ERP data accessible in the Salesforce front-end interface.

With enosix Transact, users can easily create SAP quotes and orders directly through Salesforce. Without an integration like enosix, gathering and editing this information is incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors. Quote validations and order updates often need to pass through multiple departments, making small changes and inquiries much more labor-intensive than they need to be.

enosix Transact revamps the ordering process as well. SAP orders are fully visible immediately, giving users up to date information about all upcoming orders as soon as they’re placed.

Many companies are probably used to “swivel chair” integration protocols where the only way to know you have the right information is to have multiple windows pulled up at once and continuously move from screen to screen, comparing and validating as you go. Eliminate the redundancy and doubt associated with this method by allowing your sales team and call center employees to access your SAP ERP data directly from your Salesforce interface.

With enosix Transact, users can see detailed customer information, including materials, invoices, and product details. The bi-directional integration also means that any information updated in Salesforce will be reflected in SAP. This not only allows teams to work faster, it also gives them the confidence to know the information they are providing customers and distributors is accurate and timely.

Customer self-service

Any integration strategy should focus on improving both internal and external processes. enosix Commerce enables you to use Salesforce’s B2B Commerce platform to provide full e-Commerce sites for your customers/distributors. And if you have a homegrown or other portal for your customers or distributors, we also offer Connect — which provides a REST API to your SAP ERP, making it easy to integrate directly with whatever platform you offer your customers for self-service.

enosix can dramatically enhance your customer portal by bringing the information customers need to see from the depths of your SAP system to their fingertips. This includes order history and status, invoices, deliveries, inventory, and more. With an enosix integration, inventory in SAP will also update directly as soon as a salesperson or customer places an order or updates product configuration information.

enosix’s technology can transform your portal by unlocking data and processes for your customers to get the information they need quickly and easily. This is a modern solution to a common customer service issue. Customers shouldn’t have to call, go through a recorded menu, and wait on hold to find out basic information about their orders, and a self-service customer portal makes sure they won’t have to.

A customer portal will bring a true self-service experience to your customers and distributors. They will not only appreciate making interaction with your company easier, but they will have confidence in knowing that the pricing and data they’re getting is accurate.

Unlock your customer-service potential with bi-directional integration 

Your organization lives and breathes by the data in your ERP system. But the CRM and customers/distributor portals are where the bulk of your customer-centered work takes place. You need the systems to communicate in order to truly move your company to the next level.

Pricing structure, product configurations, and inventory availability are all key data points that employees need to do their jobs and customers need to interact with your company. They also need the ability to update this information and place orders without being inconvenienced or receiving false data.

With enosix, you can provide that solution. Empower your customers and distributors with functionality that fits their needs, incorporating pricing, inventory, and order data in real-time. When your front-end interface accurately interacts with SAP and vice versa, you create a more independent and efficient operation for everyone involved.Schedule a free demo with us today to see enosix in action.

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