Upgrade to SAP S4HANA Faster Than You Thought Possible With enosix

Keep using your SAP ECC system during the upgrade and keep revenue flowing as you make the necessary move to S/4HANA

Key takeaways:

  • Manufacturing business results are being driven by the enhanced customer experiences offered by an integrated digital ecosystem
  • Integrating Salesforce and SAP, or upgrading SAP ECC to S/4HANA, is a complex task that, with some vendors, takes months or even years to accomplish
  • With enosix, integration is done within weeks, with data available within days
  • Because the upgrade runs in parallel with your current system, there’s no downtime, which means a bigger ROI

Digital technology is driving manufacturing business results in the form of an integrated ecosystem that provides enhanced customer engagement and business intelligence. This means creating a path to purchase that’s easy for the customer with a connected digital experience and offering the front office a more integrated view of the journey from lead to loyalty without the need to access multiple systems.

Moving from SAP ECC to upgrade your Salesforce front office with SAP S/4HANA can accelerate your sales and grow your B2B eCommerce site, but this is a complex integration that can take what seems like forever. The challenge is to retain the ability to gain rapid wins and capabilities while the upgrade process is happening.

To take full advantage of the Salesforce capabilities around the customer experience, profiles, preferences, and transaction history, integration with SAP S/4HANA is essential. The accelerated integration provided by enosix and our world-class platform provides manufacturers with a purpose-built solution that takes mere weeks, not months or years.

The enosix solution means a faster upgrade

All of the data in SAP ECC has to be fed into S/4HANA for access for direct sales, distributors, and customer service, among other departments. Traditional methods rely on the replication and rebuilding of the business logic you’ve developed over time. This is not only error-prone but slow.

Because enosix provides a pre-packaged solution, implementation takes weeks, not months or years. In fact, business users can see live data within a couple of days.

Keep using your ECC system during the upgrade

The enosix front-end components are purpose-built so they fit like a glove into the stack and repurpose builds of SAP back-end components. In this way, both integration layers are native to their components. They speak the same language, which means no disruption, so you can work in ECC now while upgrading to S/4HANA.

Rather than a build, it’s more of a technical shift, because S/4HANA runs in parallel, which means you can use the world-class engagement system you’ve already built in ECC, increasing revenue while the migration to S/4HANA is occurring.

Pre-packed integration means a bigger ROI

One money-saving and sought-after enhancement by manufacturers is customer self-service. This capability means fewer inquiries to call centers because customers can look up current and past orders, tracking, and other information, any time and with any device on their own — without having to involve one of your employees.

With enosix, self-service can be implemented in a week or two, removing a lot of the call volume, which has a big impact on the ROI in a very short period of time.

Product information is also readily available with integration, something that’s especially valuable for spare part dealers, distributors, and service agents. Sales reps can do a real-time query, or a customer can use the self-service feature to see their specific pricing, parts availability, and shipping information.

Real-time access provides a real ROI boost in many areas, including order submission. Orders placed in Salesforce are submitted to SAP in real-time and are available on your B2B site for customer view at the same time. Customers gain a 360-degree view of their entire journey, from inquiry to order placement to shipping.

Accelerate your digital transformation at the speed of enosix, without the risk

No replicating. No data errors. No need to do one thing at a time.

It’s time to think differently to match the current pace of business. Instead of working on the back office and then the front office, it’s time to speed things up by working in parallel with enosix.

  • Our rapid integration objects encapsulate your business’s processes, so you can access SAP data and execute SAP transactions from your front end and leverage all of your current business logic with no re-building, which means no risk of errors.
  • A patent-pending communication framework replaces the standard JCo connector and IDocs, with 90% fewer API calls to reduce complexity, and we have pre-built apps for Salesforce lead-to-cash and B2B commerce apps.
  • Because the enosix framework runs in both SAP ECC and S/4HANA, and our platform uses the same interface for your front-end applications, moving is easy. When you’re ready to upgrade from SAP ECC to S/4HANA, your applications that have been integrated via enosix can be easily upgraded without the need to rework them as part of the move.

To learn more about how enosix can help you upgrade from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA seamlessly and without risk of business disruption, be sure to check out the Deloitte Digital Dreams session on that very topic. To learn more about how enosix can do in weeks what takes some companies years, and do it better, schedule a demo today.

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