enosix, Inc. Closes $10 Million Financing with MK Capital to Support Real-Time SAP Integration

CINCINNATI, OH. – May 16, 2023 – enosix, Inc., the leading technology provider of real-time, prebuilt SAP data integration solutions, announced the successful completion of its $10 million growth financing led by MK Capital. enosix will use the proceeds to accelerate the development and expansion of its SAP integration platform, while expanding its support of Salesforce, MuleSoft, and ServiceNow clients.

enosix is the proven, SAP data integration approach that is relied upon by leading global manufacturers including recent customer additions, Prevost, a member of Volvo Group, Tremco Inc., and Carl Zeiss AG. enosix empowers SAP ERP customers with the critical last mile of integration in real-time, boosting digital transformation efforts by eliminating error-prone, latent, swivel-chair data entry between systems. enosix uplevels data accuracy, automation and business agility in areas such as, but not limited to, sales quoting, IT asset management, business supply-chain management, B2B eCommerce, and more, allowing for greater utilization of business and SAP skilled resources. These advantages translate to a superior customer experience and greater revenue growth.

“Over the past 30 years we have performed detailed due diligence on hundreds of technology companies,” noted Mark Koulogeorge of MK Capital.“ We have never had a company score higher on product quality and reliability than enosix. The product’s high performance over millions of transactions differentiates enosix from its competitors.”

Jamie Bedard, CEO of SAPinsider observed, “The enterprise landscape for SAP customers continues to become more complex. The accelerated adoption of cloud-based solutions as a result of the global pandemic has only added to this complexity. enosix’s unique approach to real-time, virtualized SAP integration triggers a huge sigh of relief by the SAP industry and offers a potential safety net for tens of thousands of enterprise SAP ERP customers who are not only behind in their S/4HANA migration projects, but those who are trying to keep up with the business demands of digital transformation but don’t have the time, resources, or skilled SAP talent available to support a major traditional integration project.”

Nick Fera, CEO of enosix noted, “The increasing demand for pre-built, real-time, bi-directional access to legacy ERP solutions, especially during these difficult economic times, positions enosix for tremendous growth. Companies are tired of paying millions to systems integrators for bespoke integration solutions that offer only synchronous experience and require long-term maintenance. The ability to ‘have a two-way conversation’ with your legacy ERP solutions is no longer a dream, enosix has delivered a platform to handle complex pricing and quoting and is now better positioned to expand.”

About enosix, Inc

enosix is the standard for real-time, prebuilt SAP ERP integration. enosix provides real-time data virtualization, which enables a more agile and compliant customer experience by reducing error-prone data entry and information delays. enosix seamlessly connects SAP ECC and S/4HANA systems to modern front-end systems such as Saleforce, MuleSoft, ServiceNow to support rapid digital transformation. The enosix platform leverages low or no-code Packaged Integration Processes (PIP) so companies can quickly realize value—in weeks instead of months. enosix’ use of data virtualization unlocks data, business processes, authorizations, and user permissions from SAP without recreating them from the front-end; delivering the back-end translation in an easy-to-understand, real-time, and bi-directional integration. For more information, visit www.enosix.comAbout MKM Capital

About MK Capital

MK Capital is an early-stage lead investor in the software and cloud services industries. The firm’s partners, who average more than 20 years of venture capital experience, actively partner with entrepreneurial management teams to build leading companies that accelerate the digital transformation of the global economy. MK Capital manages over $400 million in capital and is actively seeking new investment opportunities. For more information, visit



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