enosix Enables SAP Integration for Prevost, Member of Volvo Group, to Optimize Their B2B eCommerce Partner Experience

enosix celebrates on the heels of its recent announcement of its $10m in Series AA funding from MK Capital and continued support of Salesforce, MuleSoft, and ServiceNow clients

CINCINNATI, OH – June 21, 2023enosix, Inc., the standard in real-time, prebuilt SAP integration supporting multiple modern business front-end systems, adds the Volvo Group’s, Prevost, to its enterprise customer portfolio, enabling an agile and seamless modern eCommerce experience for Prevost’s partner channel.  Prevost, headquartered in Canada and a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, is a leading North American manufacturer of premium passenger and conversion coaches for high-end motorhomes and specialty conversions.   

After an extensive RFP review of several integration options, including SAP’s BTP solution, Prevost chose enosix, as a solution that offered real-time, bi-directional integration for complex pricing and quoting needs and at a fraction of the time to integrate with SAP.   Additionally, enosix afforded Prevost the capability of integrating with ECC now, with the ability to transport that integration logic to S/4HANA when ready, without traditional technical debt and, most importantly, without stopping business operations.  

Prevost is another indicator of enosix’s success on the heels of its recent announcement of its $10m in Series AA funding from MK Capital, and the important work enosix is doing to support Salesforce, MuleSoft, and ServiceNow clients.  “Even in this difficult macro-economic environment, this couldn’t be a more exciting time for enosix. Companies continue to invest in bringing modern business solutions to their clients, and impactful ERP integration is key. We are grateful Prevost chose to trust enosix for their complex SAP ERP integration needs.” explained Nick Fera, CEO, enosix.

About enosix

enosix is the standard in real-time, prebuilt SAP ERP integration, supporting multiple modern business front-end systems. Through seamless real-time data virtualization, enosix empowers enterprise organizations to drive a more agile and compliant customer experience by reducing error-prone swivel-chair data entry and information delays that can hinder customer retention.  Instead, enosix seamlessly connects SAP ECC and S/4HANA systems to modern front-end systems of engagement to include: Salesforce Cloud Solutions, MuleSoft, ServiceNow, and more, to support rapid digital transformation. The enosix platform leverages low or no-code Packaged Integration Processes (PIP) that enable companies to quickly realize value—in weeks instead of months. enosix’ use of data virtualization unlocks data, business processes, authorizations, and user permissions from SAP without recreating them from the front-end; delivering the back-end translation in an easy-to-understand, real-time, and bi-directional integration. For more information, visit

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