How Manufacturers Can Accelerate Digital Transformations & B2B Commerce via Salesforce, enosix, and Deloitte Digital Cloud4M



Accelerating Salesforce B2B Commerce Time-to-Revenue with Innovative, Prebuilt Technology Components with ERP back office

Manufacturers are often challenged with a disparity of information between their Salesforce Cloud Solutions and SAP ERP platforms, prohibiting them from keeping up with the growing digital demands of their client base. Lack of actionable information and insight translates into broken customer experiences and ultimately lost revenue. Agility is key.

By leveraging pre-configured multi-cloud accelerators and seamless Salesforce-SAP data integration, in weeks, not years, manufacturers can provide information in real-time that allows for more satisfied customers and a greater velocity of revenue growth. This is more critical than ever in an industry that frequently endures diminishing margins and forced to overcompensate in product volume.

Hear from Deloitte Digital’s Managing Director, Paul do Forno, with enosix’s Strategy Officer, Gerald Schlechter, and Salesforce RVP Manufacturing, Frank Borovsky, in a 30-minute webinar as they discuss what manufacturers need to know to keep up with customers during this transformative time.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Learn eCommerce manufacturing success stories that apply to your organization
  • How to leverage prepackaged data integration and multi-cloud manufacturing pre-configuration to insure more agile and accurate product information
  • Create self-service eCommerce opportunities with distributors and other channels