SAPinsider: Mannington Mills – Trusted Data Transforms Customer Experience

Enabling automation and data velocity, while de-risking SAP integration

Key Takeaways

  • Real-time pricing has been a game changer, especially as the business adjusts pricing on a constant basis, particularly within its residential operation.
  • Mannington chose enosix as they are the only partner who not only provides a true real-time, prebuilt, SAP integration technology solution , but more critically, because they hold a leading level of expertise in implementing integrated solutions between SAP and Salesforce.
  • By leveraging enosix as an integration partner, Mannington has been able to save hundreds of thousands in implementation costs, while reducing the need to add even more personnel to operations budgets as the business with a now integrated Salesforce and SAP system.

What happens when a truly vintage brand enters the bold new phase of digital transformation? It may happen more than you think. A lot of ERP upgrade narratives focus on flashy verticals such as industrial and finance, or on brands not much older than readers like yourselves. This means we forget the daily challenges that face any kind of SME – even family businesses that have grown to expand their corporate workforce. The backbone of the SAP customer base is very much made up of companies that provide the essential building blocks behind our homes, transportation, goods and more. But when they reach a pain point in stacking those blocks for customers, it’s arguably high time for an augmentation of their SAP systems and ERP backbone.

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