Salesforce + enosix:
Build Pipeline with
SAP Customers

Addressing the unique needs of SAP customers has never been easier with enosix.

Connecting Salesforce and SAP – in real time – is the enosix difference.

No matter what Salesforce Cloud solution your prospects are considering, enosix makes virtually any SAP lead-to-cash elements visible–and useable–inside Salesforce. A single screen for service, 100% accuracy for quotes, CPQ, and orders, and no need to rebuild and maintain pricing outside SAP.

What’s in it for you

Integrating Salesforce and SAP doesn’t have to be full of bottlenecks and roadblocks. The enosix platform is your one-stop solution to a fully transparent SAP-Salesforce integration solution. Our SAP-Salesforce integration framework provides real-time integrations and access to SAP ERP systems inside Salesforce and front-end applications, allowing you to win more with SAP clients.

Win up to 50% more SAP clients

Shorten sales cycle by months through eliminating IT bottlenecks

Upsell and retain current clients

Reduce implementation times by up to 80%

Salesforce + enosix Win Stories

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