How it works

S/4 HANA & SAP ECC Integration

enosix takes the complexity out of SAP integration, to let you get up and running 70-90% faster than competing approaches, while still providing secure, scalable, reliable connections between your front-end systems of engagement and your SAP ERP core.

“Enosix accelerated our implementation plan by nine months.”

– Katrina Agusti, VP, Solution Delivery – IT, Carhartt

Move at the speed of your customer, not the speed of your SAP ERP system. enosix is the next-generation platform for making your SAP data accessible in the modern front ends you need to run your business successfully. We accelerate your digital transformation efforts far faster and with far less investment than traditional approaches.

You get your data in real-time in the front-end applications your customers and employees want and can then execute ERP transactions right from those same interfaces. All without the issues that come from syncing, replicating, and other middleware-mediated approaches. 

SAP ERP integrations, simpler than you ever imagined

The patent-pending enosix platform (certified for ECC and S/4HANA) lets you deliver powerful, real-time, bidirectional integrations between your SAP ERP system and your front-end systems of engagement 70-90% faster and for 50-60% less cost than competing approaches. How? There are two pieces to our approach.

Don’t rebuild your SAP business logic – reuse it

The core of our highly-scalable technology sits inside your SAP system – enabling it to leverage all your existing SAP processes, custom fields, business logic, and security without the time-consuming and risky need to attempt to reproduce those processes repeatedly in middleware or front-end applications.

Our proprietary communication framework allows us to avoid the problems with IDOCs and the standard JCo connector that all other integration platforms use (and which were never designed for real-time use cases).

Simple but powerful API

In addition to our core framework, we provide a humanized interface that simplifies your development work. We’ve created a library of ABAP Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) that perform common transformations using all the right BAPIs and exits to apply the business logic you already have. 

These RIOs live in the SAP application layer and mimic the transactions you already use in SAP. This lets you retrieve objects, like a customer detail or sales order, with a single API call, rather than having to piece them together from dozens of calls using competitive connectors. Our library contains over 40 standard RIOs, and we’ve developed dozens more for customers with special use cases. And no need to learn German abbreviations, since our RIOs all use friendly, English names.

Pre-built apps for Salesforce

If your goal is to bring SAP data and transactions to, we also have a suite of front-end applications that typically allow you to get started with viewing your data, creating quotes and orders, configuration in any Salesforce Cloud (including CPQ and even B2B Commerce) in days to weeks – not the 9-18 months typical of other integration approaches.

But why stop there?

But why limit your self to Salesforce? On top of the Rapid Integration Objects, we can project SAP through a REST API that you can use to connect to all the modern front-end applications you use.

Streamline the switch to S/4HANA

Because the enosix framework runs in both ECC and S/4HANA, and our platform uses the same interface for your front-end applications in both cases, moving is easy. When you’re ready to upgrade from ECC to S/4HANA, your applications that have been integrated via enosix can be easily upgraded without the need to rework them as part of the move. And that means you can use the years before a move to start doing your integration work while you have time, rather than all at once during the crunch of trying to transition.