How It Works

Forward-thinking, Scalable SAP Integration Tech

enosix is built to seamlessly scale with resilience, a connection between front-end systems of engagement and your SAP ERP core.

Real-time, Bi-directional Integration

enosix provides an SAP-certified integration platform that uses a patent-pending communication protocol and framework of purpose-built advanced ABAP objects that, once installed at the SAP ERP app layer, provide real-time, bi-directional access to SAP data natively within today’s modern, front-end systems of engagement.

Gain Customer Insights Quickly

How It Works


Our framework is installed in SAP as a certified add-on, utilizing SAINT packaging within an enosiX namespace. The framework generates enosix ABAP objects, which unlock SAP data and business process in an intuitive way.


Your front-end system of engagement and SAP are linked through an enosix managed proxy service or by strategically exposing your SAP system via firewall and security rules.


Access the enosix-delivered managed package through tools provided by your front-end system of engagement (like Salesforce Lightning App Builder). Available SAP data and business process can be turned on with clicks, not code.

Purpose-built for the Workflows You Already Use

enosix’s framework of Advanced ABAP Objects are purpose-built for flows like opportunity to cash, and sit on the SAP app layer incorporating process orchestration, functions, authentication, authorization and auditing with full CRUD capability using real-time data virtualization to enable front-end usage. Additionally, we have a presentation layer integration that renders front-ends dynamically.

See It in Action


Interact with customers and make decisions using real-time, up-to-date information.
Read, create and update SAP data directly from your front-end system of engagement.
SAP Certified
Our products are SAP ECC and S/4 HANA certified.
Purpose-built Scenarios
Our pre-built sets of wrapped BAPIs match the business scenarios you need, like opportunity to cash, procurement to cash, etc.
Business Process & Logic
Our framework sits on the SAP app layer incorporating process orchestration, functions, authentication, authorization and auditing.