Building a Business Case for S/4HANA Migration


SAP S/4HANA is transforming the way businesses operate. Here are 10 reasons to leverage this future-ready ERP.

SAP will no longer perform mainstream maintenance of SAP Business Suite 7 core applications beyond 2027. At this point, businesses have one option if they want to continue to leverage SAP for ERP: S/4HANA.

Making the shift to S/4HANA can be beneficial, particularly for businesses that currently leverage SAP ERP. To understand the benefits of S/4HANA, let’s examine the software in detail.

What is S/4HANA? Here’s what you need to know

S/4HANA is a future-ready ERP that comes equipped with AI, machine learning, and other intelligent technologies. It can be deployed on-premise, in a private or public cloud, or in a hybrid environment, and it offers an in-memory database. Additionally, S/4HANA can be deployed across a variety of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers can use real-time information from S/4HANA to manage their supplier network, plant floor, and other areas of everyday operations. Also, manufacturers can deploy S/4HANA to continuously analyze and improve assembly processes, drive collaboration between R&D and manufacturing teams, and quickly identify and correct quality management issues.
  • Finance: S/4HANA provides real-time reporting and predictive analytics to help finance teams find ways to improve productivity and lower their operating costs. The software also helps finance teams figure out the best ways to implement subscription-based revenue models and optimize their treasury and financial risk processes.
  • Sales: Sales teams can leverage the new SAP to stay ahead of the competition. S/4HANA makes it simple for sales teams to manage order-to-cash processes throughout all customer touchpoints. The software ensures that sales teams can evaluate sales pipelines and leads, track sales performance, and develop data-driven sales strategies.
  • Customer service: Customer service representatives can utilize S/4HANA to manage complaints, claims, and other customer concerns and issues. They can also leverage S/4HANA to stay connected with customers across a wide range of channels and ensure customers receive exceptional support.
  • Human resources: HR teams can use S/4HANA to retrieve and manage employee master data, organizational data, and other information from the SAP Success Factors Employee Central solution. They may be able to leverage S/4HANA to find ways to improve daily operating processes as well.

S/4HANA is increasingly popular across many industries. A recent study indicated approximately 17% of SAP customers have implemented S/4HANA, and nearly 86% have started making the business case for using the software going forward.

10 reasons to migrate to S/4HANA

The business case for transitioning to S/4HANA goes beyond the support cliff. There are several key ways transitioning to the new SAP can improve business processes and profitability. Here are the 10 most important for your building your case:

1. Real-time business insights

S/4HANA features an ultra-fast analytics engine, so businesses can obtain real-time insights. As such, S/4HANA improves business forecasting and drives more informed decision-making.

2. Agility

S/4HANA uses a simplified data model that delivers unprecedented speed. The software makes it easy to run analytics and transactions in a single database — without the need to separate OLTP and OLAP.

3. Simplicity

S/4HANA centralizes hardware and network resources, thanks to its HANA in-memory database. As a result, S/4HANA can serve as the digital core for IT management and administration, and it will enable IT professionals to perform myriad tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before.

4. User experience

S/4HANA is equipped with the intuitive, role-based SAP Fiori user interface. SAP Fiori provides users with a consistent experience across S/4HANA, which reduces the risk of errors and drives employee productivity and satisfaction.

5. Cost reduction

S/4HANA brings the analytical and transactional capabilities of various systems to one location. In doing so, it can provide significant cost savings.

6. Innovation

S/4HANA keeps pace with evolving technologies and can support a business throughout its digital transformation. Plus, S/4HANA helps businesses innovate and stay ahead of the curve by delivering outstanding speed and data accessibility.

7. Scalability

S/4HANA offers limitless scalability. So, as your business grows, the software can be scaled as needed.

8. SAP integrations

S/4HANA can be used in combination with Ariba, FieldGlass, SAP Analytics Cloud, and other SAP tools. This means a business can seamlessly integrate S/4HANA into its existing SAP technology stack.

9. Cloud capabilities

S/4HANA is a terrific option for businesses that want to fully transition to the cloud. In fact, S/4HANA is optimized for cloud environments.

10. Business performance

S/4HANA can help your business plan for today, tomorrow, and many days into the future. The software enables businesses to leverage live reports and analytics to identify ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Furthermore, S/4HANA can help businesses assess industry patterns and trends and map out their strategies accordingly.

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