Why It’s More Critical than Ever to Automate and Integrate ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) with SAP

The business case for ITAM (IT Asset Management) is clear: Improved employee satisfaction and productivity while managing costs with optimized procurement and ensuring full license compliance. A recent ITAM report estimates software spend alone is underutilized or wasted at significant rates, including:

  • 36% of desktop software spend
  • 33% of data center software spend
  • 32% of SaaS spend

But running a siloed or standalone ITAM solution, without SAP integration, means data duplication and risking incomplete or inaccurate asset data within SAP. This can drive excess purchasing, potential inventory issues, and delays in deploying IT assets. The goal should be the best of both worlds: a user-friendly, purpose-built ITAM solution that also integrates with SAP to provide a holistic and actionable view of your corporate assets.

Further, seamless SAP integration with purchasing logic drives additional benefits–faster requisition creation and approval, conformance to all SAP business logic, fewer resources required, and more!

For organizations with ServiceNow asset management, and SAP, integration is painless thanks to enosix–a certified ServiceNow partner. Our pre-built integrations and white-glove implementation create a seamless integration no matter if you are on ECC, S/4HANA, or on the path to upgrade. enosix delivers full ServiceNow-SAP integration on SAP ECC in just weeks and when you upgrade to S/4HANA, we handle the minor code changes so business never stops, no matter which SAP version you are on.


Beyond Asset Maps and License Compliance: Purchasing, FinOps, and More

A robust HAM/SAM solution provides a 360-degree view of assets across an organization. This enables departments like Finance and Purchasing that access asset data inside ServiceNow and SAP to add or retire assets with ease and without duplication. Further, click-to-create Purchase Orders inside ServiceNow follow all SAP-prescribed pricing, approval, and procurement rules.

Purchasing compliance and subsequent asset control and deployment are done in a single screen. Minimizing human interactions and re-keying means fewer potential errors, more time for value-added functions, and a single, comprehensive view of all IT assets.


SAP-ITAM Integration is as Simple as ServiceNow + enosix

For more about integrating ServiceNow ITAM and SAP – check out the free eBook: Better Together: SAP ERP and ServiceNow IT Asset Management.

The eBook covers:

  • Why integrating SAP and ITAM is critical
  • Benefits of SAP Integration for HAM (Hardware Asset Management) and SAM (Software Asset Management)
  • How SAP integration drives efficiency outside of IT departments.
  • Banishing swivel-chair integrations in favor of SAP data inside ServiceNow, in real time.
  • Measuring SAP-ITAM integration timelines in weeks (not months)

To learn more about seamlessly connecting ServiceNow and SAP with enosix, check out how enosix works with ServiceNow, enosix SAP Connector for Asset Management, or enosix SAP Service Graph Connector for ServiceNow OTM.

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