Looking Ahead: 2024 SAP Data Trends

Heading into 2024 we see clear transformation trends emerging for SAP-based enterprises. Resources are stretched, data silos are killing productivity (and the customer experience), and AI is stuck in the starting gates without trusted data.  But those aren’t SAP trends, that’s the state of the industry.

So what SAP data trends are coming in 2024?

Trend 1: Unify SAP and Front-End Systems

Swivel chair integrations will be banished. In 2024, there’s no need to tolerate productivity pitfalls, shattered customer promises, and data integrity issues that result in margin loss due to a lack of unity between systems. It’s time to stop doing what worked 10 years ago and take advantage of innovation with real-time, at-scale SAP integrations that not only promise seamless data connectivity but also deliver seamless human experiences enabling you to keep your promises to your customers.. The best solutions will be virtualized–enabling bidirectional SAP data flows that fully conform to SAP-based rules and business logic, while never replicating the data in outside systems.

“Enterprise integration is founded on trusted data,” said Javed Panjwani, enosix vice president of strategy. “It’s impossible to revolutionize your business without creating seamless human experiences–for everyone from your front-line employees to your customers around the world. At the end of the day, data should serve your business, not create discrete and isolated workflows. Keeping your promises to your customers means unifying data in real-time–no matter what core system it resides in.”

Trend 2: Data that Serves People Not People that Serve Data

We touched on this in our first trend, but CIOs are managing more data than ever and in more complex ways than ever. You’re sitting on years–or even decades–of business intelligence, processes, rules, and complex configurations built out in your SAP ERP. And no matter where you are on the ECC-to-S/4HANA migration path, leveraging that intelligence and maintaining a single source of truth is critical.

Every time customer service has to jump between systems to find an order status, or a customer has to call during business hours instead of placing an online order for a configurable product, or the IT team realizes there are no more seats for a mission-critical software, the data isn’t serving the people.

Every time a homegrown SAP integration fails or the finance ops team needs a custom data set across multiple organizational lines–traditional integrations fail. In 2024, we’ll see organizations break away from the stigma that your SAP integration needs to be linear or you need to build everything yourself. Leaning into a robust library of prebuilt, pre-tested SAP integration points brings the promise of trusted data to life. For SIs, for citizen integrators, for iPaaS solutions, and for enterprises like you.

“When talking about data integration it’s easy to forget the human experience,” said Gerald Schlechter, enosix founder and chief strategy officer. “But data should always be used to improve the human experience. Humanizing data is something we’ll see more and more of in 2024 and beyond.”

Trend 3: Promises Kept

The speed of business in 2024 leaves no room for error or delay. Quotes must be 100% accurate–or the errors will eat your margins. Asset inventory must be 100% accurate or overhead outpaces budgets. ATP must be based on real-time data or your customer will shop elsewhere. When you’re working in revenue generating technologies errors are not an option.

At the end of the day, you’re in the business of keeping your promises to your customers. All your initiatives, integrations, and implementations must support this mission. At enosix, we keep our promises so you can keep yours. From proven, real-time packaged integrations to white-glove service and everything in between. It’s why we’ve taken a real-time first approach and our solutions are SAP version-agnostic. Because if you’ve built something to work with ECC you shouldn’t have to rebuild it for S/4. If you’re changing front-end systems, you should bring your SAP integration with you.

“‘There has to be a better way’ is the starting point of a lot of our customer conversations,” said Nick Fera, enosix CEO. “And our team–combined–brings hundreds of years of SAP expertise and business acumen together to deliver that better way. Making the world’s most complex systems work seamlessly together seems like a bold mission but we’ve proven over and over we’re equal to the task.”


Today, tomorrow, next year and beyond: you can count on enosix to keep our promises so you can keep yours.

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