Where’s My Order? Without TrustedData, AI Means Nothing

As we head into Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce is talking about the value of AI + Data + CRM creating “customer magic”. At enosix, this has been in our narrative from the beginning–with an important addition that “TrustedData” is the most critical variable of the customer service equation. After all, even great AI models, fed by error-prone swivel-chair transactions, will risk producing skewed and faulted extrapolations. Garbage in, garbage out as the saying goes. And a Salesforce CRM that isn’t tied to your single source of truth–your ERP–means not all your data can be…trusted!

For Manufacturers using SAP, the all-too-common question “where is my order?” is typically challenging for customer service teams to answer quickly. This is a low complexity question and something that should have a 100% first-call resolution (FCR). But if that information is housed inside SAP, it becomes much more difficult to answer. In fact, studies show that up to 70% of call center activities are about ‘Where is my Order’ and they take an average 13-15 clicks to dig the answer out of their SAP system – it’s a nightmare. 

For order status, agents have to swivel-chair (or swivel-screen) and jump between Salesforce (or another front-end engagement system) and SAP. Not every agent has SAP access due to the complexities of the system, so they often have to reach out to a supervisor or other business contact to pull that information from SAP and relay it back. Lack of access to the system-of-record for order status extends call times, frustrates customers (and employees), and decreases productivity for already short-staffed call centers.

enosix has uniquely solved getting SAP data directly into Salesforce—making answering customer inquiries like “Where is my order?” just a click away.

Bringing SAP Order Status into Salesforce in Real Time

The first step to speeding order status call resolution is to bring the SAP-based data directly into Salesforce. Because order status changes regularly, a store-and-forward or batch-load of data from SAP won’t work because the information would be out of date. Data virtualization brings SAP directly into Salesforce the moment the information is requested so it’s always up-to-the-second correct whenever agents check on an order.

And because the data is presented directly inside SAP, agents have all the additional account information—from discounts, to ship-to addresses, to order history and more.

True Customer 360 View Inside Salesforce

For SAP enterprises, maintaining the ERP as the system of record is critical. As modern front-ends, like Salesforce, are adopted by the business, those systems need seamless (and often instant) access to data the only lives inside SAP. Leveraging enosix pre-built integrations means SAP data can be virtualized directly inside any Salesforce cloud solution—giving everyone from sales, to field service, to customer care teams instant access to a complete, 360 customer view. 

Beyond Phone Calls and Emails: Self-Service Portals with Accurate Order Status

Low-complexity but important to your customer questions like “where’s my order?” not only consume valuable employee time and energy to answer—it requires customers to reach out, during business hours, in a high-friction interaction. Traditional self-service portals struggle to answer this question for the same reason customer service agents do—the answer is locked inside SAP. Using enosix, SAP organizations can empower customers to answer their order status questions, 24/7. 

Further, integrating SAP data into Salesforxe enables AI-integrations like recommended products customized to the exact customer profile, ordering rules, product configuration specifications and more. If an order rule or process isn’t allowed in SAP, it prevents it from being offered or created in your commerce solution. And because you are pulling from real-time SAP inventory, you’ll never frustrate customers by offering something that isn’t available.

Let’s Meet Up at Dreamforce

The best way to understand the power of SAP inside Salesforce is to see it in action and share your specific challenges. Bring anyone you want—your Salesforce Admin, your VP of Sales, your IT project manager. Let’s talk about TrustedData while you’re in town–and how to extend the power and value of your Salesforce instance.  Click here to learn more and schedule a discussion. 

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