Why Real-Time SAP Data is a Game-Changer to Deliver a 360 Degree Customer View

A 360 degree customer view improves employee productivity, customer retention, increases customer satisfaction, drives revenue growth and preserves margins. But creating–and then maintaining–a real time data set can seem daunting. In fact, according to a 2022 Gartner survey, only 14% of organizations have achieved a 360 degree customer view.

The key to solving this challenge is incorporating real time SAP across your CRM platform, Customer Service applications, B2B eCommerce, and even Field Service systems, without replicating it. And it’s easier than you think.

Leverage a Single Source of Real-Time Truth–SAP–but Without the Swivel-Chair

Duplication of data is the enemy of accuracy and efficiency, so having a robust data management strategy based on a single source of truth, is critical. SAP is the system your enterprise runs on–from purchasing and shipping to configuration options and per-account pricing specifications. But getting that SAP data into front-end systems can be daunting given the complexity of SAP integration.

The answer is using enosix to create a window inside your front-end system–directly exposing SAP data. Manually looking up or transferring data between systems or applications, often called swivel-chair or swivel-screen integrations, are unsustainable at scale as are time consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. Every time your sales or customer service team needs to jump into another system to answer a question, prepare a quote you are introducing potential errors, slowing response time, and frustrating customers.

enosix Virtualized View for SAP Delivers Real-Time Data–Fast

In just hours, you can have real time SAP data directly inside your CRM or Customer Service system. enosix Virtualized View for SAP puts a 360 degree customer view where your externally-facing employees can see everything they need to deliver a world-class experience.

Answer questions like this, without ever leaving your CRM:

  • What’s the shipping date? 
  • Can you provide a tracking number?
  • What product configuration did I order last time?
  • Is this available in blue?
  • Can you ship this product to another country?
  • What is my price for this product?

This data virtualization is, in fact, the only way to surface real-time data from SAP and it takes only a few weeks thanks to enosix pre-built solutions.

Don’t Settle for Less than a 360 Degree View

A true 360 degree customer view must incorporate real time SAP data, eliminate data silos, and incorporate historical interactions and transactions. And, because the speed of business is faster than ever, you need these integration points made, tested, and live in weeks–not months.

Leveraging enosix pre-built, but customizable, integrations means virtually any SAP data in the lead-to-cash process can be brought into your front-end systems without coding. And, did we mention the integration works with SAP ECC and S/4HANA seamlessly, with no lift on your IT team if you are migrating between the two.

A 360 degree customer view means one-touch problem resolution, self-service portals, and B2B eCommerce–all with less work for employees and 100% data accuracy. 

Learn more about how real-time data address quoting complexity, improves customer support, and eliminates swivel-chair. The enosix experts are ready to show you how quickly your SAP data can be accessible inside your front-end systems–let’s talk today!

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