Salesforce Customer Engagement Solutions

See a 360-degree view of customers, products or suppliers

Unlock your SAP ERP data in the applications your employees use

  • Get a real-time view of the data in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system
  • Provide data to your sales team, into customer portals, or for eCommerce solutions
  • Take advantage of modern applications and user interfaces, while still leveraging your ECC system
  • Real-time product configuration and pricing information
  • All in the front-end of your choice
Why this Matters?

Avoid frustrating your customers, employees, and distributors when they are looking for information on your products. Get full access to your ERP data available in real-time in your front-end applications for a streamlined user experience. With enosix Salesforce customer engagement solutions, employees and customers can access the information they need from one place so they can get work done faster. This 360 degree view of SAP ERP data promotes higher customer engagement setting you apart from the competition.

Details on orders are not often available in front end systems even when they’re integrated. There may be some high level order details pulled into a front end application, but not the depth needed to answer specific questions about an order. Without this true 360 degree view of the customer, employees are forced to use multiple systems to answer basic order questions about order status, delivery times, inventory availability, shipments, and more. It wastes time and frustrates customers, leaving a bad impression, and negative customer experience.

Your front-end systems of engagement are a big investment for your company. But they’re only as good as the data available in them when it’s needed by your customers. If you’re using middleware that simply replicates data, often in overnight batches, it’s never as up to date as it needs to be for you to get a 360 view of the customer. The moment something changes in SAP, the front-end is no longer accurate with this type of integration. This hinders your ability to rapidly respond to the needs of your customers in the modern business environment.

All this can be avoided with real-time SAP integration from enosix! We handle the complex integration with SAP your business needs and let you focus on other projects.

Key Features

View and access more data than you would ever attempt to integrate with middleware (line item details – no need to replicate and maintain duplicate data sets outside of SAP)
Surface Customer Data
All of your SAP customer data (including invoice history, account and partner details, delivery confirmations, and more) – surfaced in the front-end application of your choice
Access Pricing Info
Get access to the product and pricing information that’s trapped in your SAP ERP system
View Supplier Info
View details of suppliers, including history and performance
Improve User Interface
Use our pre-built, but fully customizable UI interface for or integrate with the front-end of your choice using our REST API

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