Smart CPQ and SAP Integration Drives Quoting Speed, Accuracy–and Revenue

The pace and complexity of today’s business requires manufacturers of all size to invest in business systems. But what happens when your front-end CPQ system of choice doesn’t integrate nicely with your SAP ERP? When it comes to something as important as CPQ you need 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.

This manufacturing-industry-specific eBook covers:

  • Why CPQ can’t rely on batch updates, middleware or custom-coded solutions
  • Your trajectory on the SAP ECC-to-S/4HANA migration path shouldn’t impact your CPQ solution
  • Top things to avoid when implementing CPQ on SAP
  • How PIPs (Prepackaged Integration Processes) simplify and future-proof your CPQ solution
  • Focusing on time-to-value as a measure of ROI

This short eBook makes the business case for a fully-integrated quoting solution that delivers fast, accurate, and profit-protecting quotes without complicated internal processes and logging into SAP to validate the quote parameters.