What SAP Manufacturers Need To Overcome Quoting Complexity

Don’t be resigned to think quoting has to be complicated just because you are SAP-based (even for complex products, pricing, and VC). Quoting can be reinvented by pulling the business logic, product configurations, and account-specific discounts that are based in SAP directly into Salesforce/CPQ where sales reps, customer service, and distributors can all access up-to-the-second information.

This manufacturing-industry-specific eBook covers:

  • Why off-the-shelf quoting solutions slow down quoting and often result in out-of-date quotes by the time they are generated,
  • Protecting, and improving margins during this time of supply chain disruption and inflation,
  • Unifying SAP and Salesforce with a solution your IT department will love,
  • A mini case-study of how Sonny’s, a global car wash equipment supplier has become an efficient, scalable, quoting powerhouse,
  • How an accurate CPQ process lays the foundations for eCommerce.

This short eBook makes the business case for a fully-integrated quoting solution that delivers fast, accurate, and profit-protecting quotes without complicated internal processes and logging into SAP to validate the quote parameters. Simply fill out the short form on the right to download.